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<div class="ExternalClass961FE83288DE4533B65DCFFA827734B3"><p>​Trans Specialty Care offers knowledgeable and specialized care to transgender and gender diverse persons living in the Vancouver Coastal Health region. We work in teams including nurses, physicians, and social workers. We are a consultation service and work in collaboration with your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor (GP) or nurse practitioner (NP) we can refer you to the Vancouver Division of Family Practice or Trans Care BC to find options for primary care.</p><h2>What services are provided?<br></h2><div><p></p><ul><li><p>Hormone initiation and stabilization<br></p></li><li><p>Surgical care planning and referrals<br></p></li><li><p>Pre-operative information and education<br></p></li><li><p>Post-operative nursing care<br></p></li></ul><div>Additionally, as a client of the Trans Specialty Care program, you can access hormone injection teaching, and assistance with identity document changes. <br></div><p></p></div><p>There are no costs for the services we provide, however, you will need valid MSP coverage or interim federal health coverage to access treatment services such as labs (for bloodwork and monitoring)<br></p><p>Hormone injection supplies are available to anyone at no cost in the harm reduction booth on the first floor, or the fourth floor at the front desk.<br></p><p>For more information about services, therapies, community supports and resources, visit <a href="" target="_blank">Trans Care BC - PHSA.​</a><br></p></div>1128 Hornby Street(604) 844-2223(604) 331-8901 V6Z 2L4BC49.2789136,-123.1268908<div class="ExternalClass25E0E1C3F5E74C058646F8ACAC350913"><p>You can self refer by calling our TSC intake clerk at (604) 331-8901 or through the <a href="" target="_blank">online contact form​</a>.</p><p>Your primary care clinician can also fax a referral to (604) 844-2223. The intake clerk will call you with an appointment with a nurse within 1-2 weeks. <br></p><h2>No show policy<br></h2><p>If you are unable to attend your appointment then we ask that you try to give us at least 24 hours notice so we can fill that spot with other people requiring care. If you miss your intake appointment, then you may contact us at any time within 1 month to rebook. If we haven't heard from you after 1 month, or you miss a second scheduled intake appointment, then out of respect for other clients waiting, you will be removed from our waitlist and we will move on to the next person waiting. You may contact us again at any time to let us know you still want to proceed, but your new place on our waitlist will then be determined by the date of that latest contact. <br></p><h2>Check your spam<br></h2><p>Please be aware that sometimes our emails are sent to spam folders, so please check your spam or junk folder regularly! If it's been 1-2 weeks and you don't think you've heard from us, our response to your referral might be there.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassCB260384651544D4AE652A4D335792FF"><p>Services are provided to people 15 and older living in the <a href="/about-us/who-we-serve">Vancouver Coastal Health region</a>. Youth (15-18 years), refugee claimants, and individuals with post-operative complications who live outside the VCH Region will be given special consideration on a case-by-case basis.  <br></p><p>In order to access treatment, clients must have valid health insurance (either through MSP or through another Canadian Province) or be covered under interim Federal Health Insurance (e.g. refugee claimants, protected persons). If you do not have medical health insurance, as you may be responsible for out-of-pocket costs such as labs/blood work.   </p><p>If you do not have current medical coverage, please let us know in advance. More information on MSP and the interim federal health insurance program can be found:<br></p><ul><li><p><a href="" target="_blank">MSP - Eligibility?</a></p></li><li><p><a href="" target="_blank">MSP - Working Holiday Programs</a></p></li><li><p><a href="">Interim Federal Health Program - Eligibility </a><br></p></li></ul><p>If you live outside of the VCH region, please contact <a href="" target="_blank">Transcare BC’s Care Coordination team</a> for help with finding care in your area.<br></p></div>Three Bridges Community Health CentreInformation for health care providersFAQs about Trans Specialty Care<div class="ExternalClassF888C5F187914E90B029C89575AA44F7"><p>Most of our doctors provide transgender health advice through BC’s <a href="" target="_blank">Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE) line</a>. Please contact the Trans Health Doctor on Call through RACE. </p></div><div class="ExternalClass5EAF2954EB714559B01E16F45E3F85B6"><h2>How does the intake process work?</h2><p>First our intake clerk will contact you to register you.   You will then be added to our waitlist for an intake.   Your first appointment will be with an intake nurse who will discuss your goals and needs with you and who can refer you to some services right away if necessary.   If appropriate, the nurse will then book you an appointment to see a doctor.   We use an informed consent model to provide gender affirming care and use these appointments to document your gender experience, your mental and physical health status, and have a complete discussion with you regarding the risks and benefits of the care you are seeking. The doctor may need to add or reduce the number of intake appointments necessary or may recommend that certain health issues get stabilized prior to starting any therapy.  </p><h2>What happens next?  </h2><p>At some point (usually around 1 year later) we will work toward transitioning your hormone therapy to your family doctor or another primary care provider in the community. We will also help you access surgery and will support you for 6 months post-op while you recover. We recognize that many primary care providers have limited knowledge in this area and are happy to support them in providing your ongoing care.</p><h2>Can I get on hormones faster if I have seen a mental health professional for a hormone readiness assessment?   </h2><p>Unfortunately, not through our service. A hormone readiness assessment may shorten the number of appointments needed with the doctor, but our doctors still want some time to get to know you prior to initiating any therapy. To be fair to everyone, we ask everyone to wait on the same list. However, your hormone readiness recommendation letter now allows you to access an endocrinologist who may have shorter wait times. Our intake nurse can provide you with names of endocrinologists in Vancouver that you can take to your family doctor or a walk-in clinic to obtain a referral. </p><h2>What if all I need is a surgery recommendation and do not want hormones?</h2><p>We can definitely help you with surgery care planning and system navigation.  You may also want to contact the care coordination team at Transcare BC. They may have a shorter wait time for this service than we do.  </p><h2>I am going out-of-province for my surgery.  Can I get post-op help when I get back?  </h2><p>Yes!  Please contact us as soon as you have your surgery date.  Our nursing team will connect with you before you go for surgery and help you prepare.  They will also set up care for you once you return to BC.</p></div>

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