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<div class="ExternalClass2F91C25B20904E4986F6EC473F055C2C"><p></p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">North Shore Palliative Care Program</a> provides compassionate care to patients and families living with terminal illness. The program encompasses community services, volunteer programs and the Palliative Care Unit at Lions Gate Hospital.</p><p>The North Shore Hospice is a brand new, purpose-built facility. Opened in November 2010, it currently offers 10 private bedrooms, complete with en-suites and state of the art entertainment systems in each room.</p><h2>Learn more about North Shore Hospice</h2><p>Details about the facility are available in the left-hand menu, including a video tour in English, Cantonese and Punjabi, the type of accommodation available, amenities, safety features and more.<br></p><h2>How to access hospice care</h2><p><a href="/your-care/home-community-care/how-to-access-services">Call the Palliative Care Access Line</a> in your community (not the facility).</p></div>319 East 14th Street(604) 980-8318<div class="ExternalClassCBF5A3A53DA4455DAD0BFECF6868DE48"><div><p>Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.</p></div></div>(604) 984-3743V7L 2N7BC49.3206667,-123.06495760000001<div class="ExternalClass064540656187415A9791222528E596D0"><p>​The facility’s population is multicultural but English is the most common language spoken. </p></div><div class="ExternalClass32B09C9D1AC942BBB2246F790461A224"><div><p>Call the <a href="/your-care/home-community-care/how-to-access-services">Hospice Palliative Care Access Line in your community</a> to access our services.<br></p></div></div><div class="ExternalClassE1F43A5FFDB241D7A08E00DA493808BD"><p>​Visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Coastal Palliative Care website</a>.</p><p>Visit the <a href="/your-care/home-community-care/care-options/hospice-palliative-care">Hospice Palliative Care page</a> to learn more about our services.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassE63C94E0C2844D34A5FBEB1A4406847C"><p><a href="/your-care/home-community-care/eligibility">Visit the Eligibility page</a> in our home and community care section to learn more.</p><p></p></div>North Shore Hospice

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