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<div class="ExternalClass4CB6957A02D94060AF2F7BE9991B2C82"><div><p>Insite is a supervised intravenous drug injection site designed to be accessible to injection drug users who are not well connected to health care services; men and women who use more than one drug; people who experience both addiction and mental illness; people with a history of trauma; people who are homeless, live in shelters or live in substandard housing; men and women of Aboriginal descent and people who have tried unsuccessfully in the past to overcome drug addiction.</p><p>Visit our <a href="">​Insite - Supervised Injection Site</a> pages to learn more about our services, clients, and general statistics. </p></div></div>139 East Hastings Street<div class="ExternalClass27AB16E101F34BC6B3DE9B81925961C9"><div></div>Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. - 3 a.m.<div><br>Open 24 hours a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the week that social assistance cheques are distributed.<br><br></div></div>(604) 687-7483V6A 1N5BC49.2815437,-123.1012604<div class="ExternalClass028C0748DABA47AABB9654075AFFA3E9"><h2><br></h2></div><p>​</p><div class="ExternalClassB14F796C2B484867A371A7045D7E8ABA"><div>Age range: 19 and over</div></div>Insite - Supervised Injection Site

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