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Hip and Knee Arthritis Surgical Assessment Program (ASAP)

The Hip and Knee ASAP program is for patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis. There are three Hip and Knee ASAP programs across VCH, on the North Shore, Vancouver Acute/UBC and Richmond. Each ASAP program is partnered with the local orthopedic central intake office and can be accessed by sending a surgical consult referral form from primary care. The local surgeons and advanced practice physiotherapists (APPs) work in a shared care model to ensure patients from a single waitlist are triaged and seen in the most efficient manner. APPs receive their referrals from their local orthopedic central intake, assess the patient and recommend a surgical consult or non-surgicl interventions. The APPs also provide pre-operative education to patients who will be having hip or knee surgery.

To access ASAP and the APP teams, a referral from a family physician, or nurse practitioner, to a local orthopedic central intake office (Vancouver, Richmond or North Vancouver) is required.

Prepare for surgery

Pre-Op hip and knee education

Pre-Op education is a mandatory education session for people who are having total joint replacement surgery. It gives you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about your surgery and to find out specific details about what will happen on your surgery day

How do I register for pre-op education?

You will be contacted by your local Hip and Knee ASAP Program to attend this free session If you have a confirmed surgery date and haven’t been contacted, please email us at: 

How is Pre-Op education offered?

Pre-Op is currently offered virtually or in-person. The session is approximately 1 hour long.


Your hospital stay after surgery will be short, so it is important to prepare your home and get any necessary equipment before the surgery date.

Set up your home before you go for surgery

Move any items that could make you trip (e.g. area rugs, cords) as you move through your home with your walking aid. Ensure that your stairs have railings. Prepare your meals in advance; stock up on instant, easy-to-prepare food, or arrange for meal delivery.

Any surface that you sit on needs to be 2" above the height of your knee

For people having knee surgery, a higher surface makes it easier for you to get up and down. For people having hip surgery, sitting on a higher surface is essential for maintaining your hip precautions.  

What equipment do I need for the hospital?
    • 2-wheel walker (NO 4-wheel walkers)
    • Crutches

What equipment do I need for my home?

During the pre-op education class, you will learn about what equipment you will need to get before your surgery. Some examples are below:

    • Extra-firm cushion (4” x 16” x 18”) for the drive home
    • 4-inch raised toilet seat (with or without armrests)
    • Tub transfer bench or shower chair
    • Non-slip bath mat
    • Long-handled shoe horn
    • Long-handled reacher
    • Sock aid
Where do I get the equipment?
    • Ask family or friends
    • Rent or purchase from medical supply stores 
    • You may be able to purchase walkers or crutches from the inpatient unit when you are in hospital if you are unable to obtain them before your surgery 
    • Medical Equipment Provision Program (for individuals with financial need). Please contact your family doctor or your local ASAP for more details.


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