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Information & corporate records requests

We release information as permitted under the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), which deals with corporate records requests, including:

  • Investigation, inspection and incident licensing reports for residential care homes, group homes and family day care operations

  • Environmental health reports for sewage systems, permits, inspections, complaint follow-ups and food establishment inspections

  • Financial budgets, forecasts and contracts

  • Policies and procedures

  • Information sheets, pamphlets and brochures

  • Employee information

Request health records

To request access to your personal health records, visit the Health Information Management (HIM) website

Find information on this website

We publish financial and performance information throughout this site. For example, the Accountability section includes information about our finances and the work we do to monitor and track our performance to ensure our services meet your needs.

Make an informal request

Can't find the information you need on our website? Make an informal request by contacting the location or service area you think might have the information you need. Contact information is available in the locations & services section of this site.

Make a formal request

If you can't find the information you need on this website or if the information you want is not routinely available, you can make a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request. 

  1. We accept FOI requests in any written form or you can submit your request using the FOI Application Form
  2. Send your FOI request to: 
    1. Email: 
    2. Fax: (604) 875-4593
    3. Mail: VCH Freedom of Information Office, 11th Floor, 601 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2

We may charge you fees to cover the cost of processing your FOI request. We will not charge fees to access your own information through FOI or for the first three hours spent searching for and retrieving records. If fees do apply, we will send you an estimate before processing your request. We may also require you to send us a deposit. To reduce fees, please narrow your request as much as possible. For example, you can specify a date range or describe which staff member or department is likely to have the information you need. 


FIPPA requires us to respond to your FOI request within 30 working days. If we need to consult with others or if we have a large volume of records to review, we may extend that time as permitted in FIPPA.


FIPPA allows us (and may require us) to withhold information in certain circumstances. If we deny you access to any information, you have the right to ask for a review by the BC Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner 


Our Transparency and Freedom of Information Policy guides us in maintaining an open, transparent and accountable culture while protecting the privacy of patients, clients and staff. This policy applies to all staff and information except for personal health information about our patients and clients.

All of your records are kept strictly confidential. Protecting your privacy is our priority. Visit the privacy page to learn more.

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