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George Pearson Centre Redevelopment

The George Pearson Centre was built in 1952 and is currently home to 114 residents with complex medical and physical conditions.  Redevelopment plans will replace this outdated facility with a variety of new housing with supports options on the site.  New care models are designed to support individuals to live as independently as they choose, as part of an integrated community that is welcoming and accessible for all.  When the new housing units are available, and all residents have transitioned to new living arrangements, George Pearson Centre will close.

Proposed replacement housing options

Four housing with support options have been proposed.  These were developed in collaboration with, the Pearson Residents Redevelopment Advisory Group, which includes representatives from the City of Vancouver Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee, Disability Alliance BC, CARMA (Community and Residents Mentors Association) and VCH. 

The priority of these design options is to provide people who have complex disabilities with the opportunity to live as independently as possible.  This includes two independent living options and two community living models.  All of these models include supports and services to meet resident requirements. The four housing with supports options are:

  1. Independent, fully accessible apartments with affordable, subsidized rent and independent care model (client has full control on who they hire)
  2. Independent, fully accessible apartments with affordable subsidized rent with shared overnight support (also referred to as “clustered” living)
  3. Groups of 2 – 4 people with disabilities, each with their own room, sharing fully accessible apartments with affordable subsidized rent
  4. Greenhouse Model – enabling small community living with personal choice/control.  Each has 6 – 12 people, each with their own bedroom and bathroom, sharing a communal living room and kitchen.

Balancing perspectives

The Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment project team has worked closely with residents, families and advocacy groups over the years. Current planning with Onni is focused on how the proposed housing models will fit into the overall site design.  

Long-time George Pearson residents want to ensure there are options to remain close to one another so it is easy to maintain the relationships they have established over the years. There are others who prefer a more integrated approach that would locate the housing with supports options throughout the site, to avoid replicating any sense of “facility” living and align with future housing needs.  

The team is working to balance all of these perspectives and preferences.  This input has been provided to the site developer, Onni Group for consideration.  The goal is to create a community that meets the lifestyle and health care requirements of current and future residents.

Project timeline

This work will move forward in phases, providing an opportunity for adjustments in the future.

2014 – Pearson Dogwood policy statement approved

2015 – Onni Group announced as development partner

2016 – Rezoning application submitted to City of Vancouver

2017 – Rezoning approval, detailed planning, ongoing collaboration 

2018 – Start construction

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