UBC Hospital Renewal

Building surgical capacity, enhancing inpatient care and service spaces

UBC Hospital Renewal

As part of a broader strategy to improve patient access to surgery, this development project will transform UBC Hospital into a hub for scheduled surgeries within VCH-Vancouver. 

Upgrading the hospital’s inpatient units in Koerner Pavilion will enable UBC Hospital to care for more complex surgical cases and Vancouver General Hospital to focus on providing emergency and highly complex and specialized surgical services without delaying or cancelling other patients’ scheduled surgeries.

In addition, this project will enhance other clinical and support service spaces at UBC Hospital to provide quality wraparound care and support for patients and families.

The total capital cost for the UBCH Renewal Project is $26 million. This project will be fully funded by VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

Patient benefits

  • Reduced wait times for surgeries and sleep disorders treatment
  • Fewer surgery cancellations
  • Bright, safe and comfortable patient-centred environments for quality care
  • Seamless continuum of care for an enhanced patient journey
  • Optimized surgical outcomes and reduced recovery times

Key features

  • New eight-bed High Acuity Unit to support more complex surgical cases and sicker patients
  • Enhanced inpatient units designed to meet best practice and support patient-centred care
  • New and expanded Sleep Disorders Clinic/Lab to improve access to treatment
  • New and more easily accessible Spiritual Care Centre for patients and families


  • Winter 2016/17 Spiritual Care Centre complete
  • Spring 2017 Sleep Disorders Clinic/Lab complete
  • Winter 2018/19 High Acuity Unit and other inpatient units complete


Westley Davidson
Project Manager 
Facilities Management – Capital Projects 

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation 
Phone: 604.875.4676 
Toll-free: 1.877.875.4676