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Senior Executive Team

Our senior executive team reports to the board of directors and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Vivian Eliopoulos

Interim President and CEO

Read more about Vivian Eliopoulos


Laura Case

Vice President, Vancouver-Richmond, Community

Read more about Laura Case

Karin Olson

Vice President, Coastal

Read more about Karin Olson

Michelle de Moor

Michelle de Moor

Interim Vice President, Vancouver Acute Services

Read more about Michelle de Moor

Gail Malenstyn

Gail Malenstyn

Interim Vice President, Richmond Acute Services

Read more about Gail Malenstyn


Charlene Chiang

Vice President, Communications and Strategic Partnerships

Read more about Charlene Chiang

Fernando Pica

Chief Financial Officer and VP, Strategic Business Services

Read more about Fernando Pica

Darcia Pope

Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer

Read more about Darcia Pope

Brett Sparks

Vice President, Employee Engagement

Read more about Brett Sparks

Ron Quirk

Chief Information Officer

Read more about Ron Quirk

Clinical leadership

Dr. Ross Brown

Dr. Ross Brown

Vice President, Pandemic Response

Read more about Dr. Ross Brown

Dr. Dean Chittock

Vice President, Medicine, and Quality and Safety

Read more about Dr. Dean Chittock

Dr. Marshall Dahl

HAMAC Chair and Executive Lead, Physician Engagement

Read more about Dr. Marshall Dahl

Dr. Patricia Daly

Vice President, Public Health, Chief Medical Health Officer

Read more about Dr. Patricia Daly

Yasmin Jetha

Vice President, Community Services

Read more about Yasmin Jetha

Lorraine Blackburn

Vice President, Professional Practice and Chief Clinical Information Officer

Read more about Lorraine Blackburn

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