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COVID-19 information for long-term care & assisted living

Visitations for long-term care & assisted living

To support essential and social visits at long-term care and assisted-living facilities during the pandemic, health authorities are following guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health.

VCH visitor appeal and review process

Based on these guidelines, families may appeal decisions made about their visitation status through the Vancouver Coastal Health Patient Care Quality Office (PCQO). See VCH Visitor Appeal and Review Process for Essential and Social Visits for more information.

  • If you have questions or concerns about social or essential visit decisions, you are encouraged to speak to the Director of Care/Facility Administrator at the time of the concern 

  • If your concerns have not been resolved with the site administrator, you may reach out to the VCH Patient Care Quality Office to access the formal appeals process at 1-877-993-9199 or email


All residents and staff in a long-term care or assisted living home with a COVID outbreak are proactively monitored and will be tested if they develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

If residents test positive families will be notified and we will take steps to ensure they get the care they need. The resident's health-care team will work with families to make decisions based on their condition.

We understand isolation is a significant issue among the elderly and particularly during this pandemic period when many new policies and extraordinary measures are in place for everyone's protection. We are working on creative ways to get families in touch with their loved one that will not compromise their safety, or the safety of other residents or staff.

During an outbreak we have regular meetings to see what is happening in the facility, what stage we are at, and what measures need to be in place. We do relax the measures as appropriate but we have to make sure we don't relax them to the point where transmission happens. We understand the measures cause harm as well as benefit and do our best to minimize the impact on residents. 

Please contact the site for more details on what you can do to reach your loved one. Please be patient if you have trouble getting through and rest assured we will try to connect you as soon as possible.

For a list of infectious disease outbreaks (e.g. C. difficile, norovirus, influenza) declared at long-term care homes within the Vancouver Coastal Health region, visit our current outbreaks page. These include VCH owned and operated, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services and contracted facilities. 

View current outbreaks

For additional information, view the BCCDC COVID-19 data for weekly outbreak reports.

COVID-19 FAQ on long-term care & assisted living

More information about COVID-19

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