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Orientation Information

Helping to develop the best workforce, VCH Orientation establishes employee culture, provides information necessary to begin a career at VCH, and facilitates a connection to resources. Here's how it works! 

Getting started at VCH

VCH Orientation Online contains mandatory content for new employees. All new hires should do this component, regardless of worksite or role (unless they are a re-hire who completed it in the last 18 months). Staff should allow 4-hours for completion of all sections, and it can be completed remotely (from home). New hires are provided the link in their welcome package from VCH Recruitment.‎


Sometimes called Regional Orientation, or Hospital Wide Orientation (HWO), this portion of VCH Orientation prepares new employees for their role within the broader context of the organization. It used to take place in person, but has been delivered virtually since the pandemic. There are no longer site-specific weeks. It can be completed remotely (from home), and can be anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days depending on the new hire's role. 

New hires should be registered by their unit manager, educator, or a delegated administrator for the sessions applicable to their site and role using the orientation registration system. After they're signed up, the new hire will receive an email with instructions, and all the links they'll need to get started, from or These sessions are generally not for students, or for VCH employees who have been away from work for less than 18 months, unless they are changing roles.

Register for virtual orientation

This training may not be applicable to all new hires. For more information, visit the Clinical Computer Systems page (internal myVCH link).‎

Content covered at this stage is based on individual learning needs at the unit/department level. Information is provided to new hires by the unit leaders. ‎


After all 4 parts are completed as applicable, new employees may need to complete other online modules and/or in-person training as per their educator/manager.

IMPORTANT: to complete this online and virtual content, all new hires need to have a VCH Employee LearningHub account. Please refer to LearningHub FAQ for instructions.

In-person class locations

Richmond Hospital
Richmond Hospital General Map
Ground Floor, Clinical Training (CTR)
Richmond Hospital Ground Floor Map
Lions Gate Hospital
Lions Gate Hospital Map
Hope Centre (Academic Hub)
Hope Centre Map
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital Map
Doctor's Residence 3rd Floor, room 311
Doctor's Residence Map
Heather Pavilion, Learning Centre B and C floor rooms
Heather Pavilion Map



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