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Medical Undergraduate Students

UBC Program Coordinators are the main contact for students/residents.  

Confirmed rotations are entered into the HSPnet placement database by UBC. Reports are generated from the database and used to request UserIDs and passwords for computer access. The network account information will be sent to your UBC student email the month before your rotation at a Vancouver Coastal Health site. If you do not receive your network account login information, please email UBC Clinical Placement Support.

Lions Gate Hospital and Squamish General Hospital

CST Cerner

LGH and SGH went live with the Clinical Information Systems April 28, 2018. Download the CST training and access sustainment plans for medical students and residents.  

Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Columbia Hospital, Richmond Hospital, GF Strong, George Pearson Centre

Patient Care Information System (PCIS) Training

Time to complete the e-learning is approx. 30 – 90 minutes depending on the number of courses required for profession and setting. 

Additional courses are required at the following sites:

Vancouver General Hospital
Richmond Hospital
Sechelt Hospital

Community: Vancouver, North Shore, Richmond, Coast Garibaldi, Sunshine Coast, Whistler
Our VCH Community sites might require training and access to PARIS, EMR, and/or Pixalere. Check with your VCH site preceptor in advance of your start date to ask if these are required for your placement.


The student’s preceptor can connect them to the site manager or the EMR delegate to organize training and access.

EMR training and access process for medical residents is the same as for VCH employees.


The student’s preceptor can connect them to the site manager to organize training and access.

Pixalere training and access process for medical residents is the same as for VCH employees.


The student’s preceptor can connect them to the site manager or the PARIS team delegate to organize training and access.

PARIS training and access process for medical residents is the same as for VCH employees.

VCH network access is provisioned automatically prior to the start of the placement after the confirmed rotation is entered into the HSPnet placement database by UBC. The login is sent to the resident’s school email by the IT Services.

If a medical resident is attending a VCH placement that is taking place with less than 48 hours notice and the resident has not received their network login information, the first step is to contact the UBC Program Coordinator urgently to submit and complete this placement in our HSPnet database.  The medical resident will be provisioned VCH network access within 24 hours after the HSPnet placement entry is completed and the network login will be sent to the resident’s school email. Note: the network provisioning only occurs on business days.

In the interim, while the resident is awaiting their network access, the resident is to document their patient information under the MD they are working under, until their network access is completed.  Medical residents are not to ask site managers or any VCH staff to complete access forms like what is done for our VCH employees, which will result in the medical resident having two separate network accounts, creating significant complications with future accesses to our network and clinical systems.

Medical Students: please refer to additional details regarding your network account under the Students of Medicine section.

For any issues with logging in to your account and for existing account password reset, please contact the VCH Service Desk.

Vancouver General Hospital, Richmond Hospital and UBCH

You will need to complete the PCIS VA/RH Basics – Online training to obtain a PCIS account for VCH hospitals (UBCH, Richmond Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital).

Please call Transcription Services once you have completed the training and received the confirmation e-mail that your have successfully completed it.  It takes about 1-2 business days to receive the confirmation email and another 1-2 business days for Transcription Services to create your unique dictation ID. 

Call (604) 806-9696 or email to receive your dictation ID. 

Sechelt Hospital

Please call (604) 885-2224 extension 4211.

Lions Gate Hospital and Squamish General Hospital

Once provisioned and trained in Cerner, someone will provide you with a quick overview and training on using front end speech  recognition (FESR).

Medical Undergraduates are expected to wear their UBC Photo ID.

To obtain additional access on an existing VCH card your Program Coordinator must submit a request using the online eform (This link is only accessible on a Health Authority network). Your UBC Program Coordinator will approve the application form.

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