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VCH Community Hepatitis C Program

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a blood-borne viral infection that attacks the liver and can lead to serious, life-threatening outcomes for many people living with long-term HCV. 

In 2013, our Vancouver primary care teams developed a framework for providing comprehensive client-centered care throughout the HCV journey (also known as the cascade of care) including pre-treatment, on-treatment, post-treatment, and end-of-life support for people diagnosed with HCV and associated liver disease as well as harm reduction strategies for those at risk of reinfection. This framework was put in place to prepare for major advancements in HCV therapies.

VCH Community Hepatitis C Program annual report

As BC Pharmacare criteria for HCV therapy expands to allow access to treatment for more and more individuals, this framework and report will be used as the basis for monitoring improvements in the HCV cascade of care for the community. Our goal is to improve diagnosis rates, ensure all HCV positive individuals are assessed using a Fibroscan, and are offered HCV therapy. Our vision is a community where all individuals living with HCV are able to achieve a successful cure of their infection in the context of holistic care.

Download the VCH Community Hepatitis C Program annual report 2015-2016

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