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Staff hub

Staff communication tools

VCH provides staff with a number of employee communication tools, including a newsletter and executive blog. While available to everyone, these tools are internally-facing with the topics intended to be of greatest use to our employees and physicians.

  • VCH webmail, where staff can log into their VCH email accounts from computers outside of the VCH network.

  • VCH News, where staff can find out what's happening across VCH. (Internal link)

  • MyVCH Intranet, where staff can access forums, news, events, VCH services & employee resources. (Internal link)

  •, where physicians, midwives and dentists who work at VCH can get information and tools specific to them, including job postings. 

Staff tools from Employee Engagement

  • Absence call line: (604) 639-4297 or toll-free 1 (866) 924-4297 for all VCH employees to report an absence from work. This includes planned or unplanned health-related or special leave absence that is at least one shift or longer (excluding vacation, education and maternity leaves). Have your employee identification number ready.

  • Internal job postings, where staff can work on their VCH career path.

  • LearningHub to sign up for staff education sessions. Contact

  • Employee Wellness  (EFAP) offers off-site, confidential, and voluntary counselling, wellness and critical incident services for staff and their immediate family. Contact or (604) 872-4929. For urgent 24/7 assistance, please call 1 (800) 505-4929. 

  • ePriorities is an action planning tool for VCH leaders to help develop and manage Operational Priorities and Professional Development Goals. Open in Google Chrome: Contact

  • Student practice education is for students or faculty looking for placement or for those who have a confirmed placement at VCH.

  • VCH Employee Discounts website provides access to employee perks and special discounts for VCH staff offered by local and internet companies. Open in Google Chrome:

  • WorkAbility website provides quick access to supports available for employees returning to work from illness or injury or employees struggling at work. Open in Google Chrome:

Employee Engagement contacts

Call centres are open Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Email inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Staff work tools

Manager Resource Centre

Manager Resource Centre (MRC) is a website for VCH leaders to access key HR resources and contacts. Get to know MRC. Open in Google Chrome:

  • Tip: save the MRC link to your 'favourites' for easy access

  • If you are accessing the website from home or outside the network, you will need to enter your VCH account login (i.e. vch\username or vrhb\username)

  • Accessible to all VCH managers, directors, designates/supervisors and excluded staff

  • If you have any questions or to provide feedback, email

Potential labour dispute 

If job action such as picketing is taken against any of our contracted service providers (Aramark, Compass, Sodexo), VCH employees should refer to this document for important information about how to access their worksites:

Labour Relations Board order and Maps

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