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Automated Shift Callout (ASC)

VCH is implementing Automated Shift Callout (ASC) in July. Instead of making manual phone calls to offer short notice relief shifts to staff, this process will be automated.  The Ministry of Health requires all BC health authorities to automate this process and some authorities have already implemented ASC. Find out how you can get ready for ASC and read the frequently asked questions.

All appropriate staff will receive relief shift offers at the same time via technology of their choosing. This could be text, email, phone call or any combination of the three. ASC supports better patient care by ensuring shifts are filled quickly and appropriately.  

ASC has three main benefits for staff

  1. Options for how you want to be notified of shift offers—by text, email, phone call or any combination of the three. Plus an optional notification when a shift you bid on is awarded to someone else.

  2. More time to respond to short notice shift offers. An immediate response is no longer required; you will now have at least 15 minutes to bid on a shift.

  3. A call log (history) of all your shift offers and bids.


Thank you to everyone who set up their contact preferences in the ASC employee portal! Congratulations to the following winners. Note: Prizes will be sent to your Manager for pickup.

LG 4K Pay As You Go Phone (4):

  • Gail Jeffrey, VGH, Burns Trauma High Acuity Unit

  • Patti McGhee-Gates, Squamish, Home Care Nursing

  • Rowena Bandilao, VGH, Hospitalist Medicine CP8

  • Julie Tubajon, VCC, MI Clerical                

$50 Gift Card to The Keg (2):

  • Sandhya Shankaran, VGH, Banfield Pavilion 

  • Lana Terekhova, GPC, Ward 6

$15 Gift Card to Tim Hortons (10):

  • Teresita Villarosa, LGH, Evergreen House 2S

  • Teresa Erickson, UBC, MI Clerical

  • Shuk Lan Mak, GFS, ABI

  • Dona Huei-Wen Peng, VGH, Radiology Ultrasound

  • Jinyi Yoo, VGH, Neurosciences JP T6

  • Esther Park, LGH, Post-Anesthetic Recovery Unit

  • Sheena A Narayan, VGH, Neurosciences JP T6

  • Anellie Soriano Balmes, BC Women's Hospital, Breast Health Program

  • Akiyo Oguri, UBC, Purdy Pavilion

  • Magie Diaz-Patel, Kiwanis Care Centre

Purdy’s Chocolate Basket for the Department with 100% Registered (1): 

  • LGH Surgical Services Unit Admin 

Contact ASC

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