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ASC frequently asked questions

What is ASC?

Automated Shift Callout is a new system that automates the process by which relief shifts (within 72 hours) are offered and awarded to staff.  This new system makes it more efficient for staff to receive and accept relief shift offers using the technology of their choice:  text, email or phone.

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of ASC is to fill shifts as quickly as possible to ensure safe patient care.  The existing, manual process is time consuming and does not always result in a shift being filled.  With ASC, existing protocols will be automated and all appropriate staff will be notified at the same time.  Shifts will be awarded faster and there will be fewer incidents of “Relief Not Found.”

Will the person with the most seniority always receive the shift?

Shifts will be awarded according to Collective Agreement rules, as they are now.    The only thing that changes with ASC is the process by which shifts are offered and accepted.  This will be automated through a new tool.

Will all shifts be awarded via ASC?

ASC applies to most departments that are currently scheduled by Workforce Scheduling Services and applies only to relief shifts (72 hours or less).  Processes for long term scheduling are not changing.  

What do I have to do?

The first step is to make sure you know the log-in and password for your Health Authority network account.  If you need help, please call the Service Desk at 604-875-4334.  The next step is to check that this network account is linked to your employee ID.  You do this by logging onto a VCH computer, using your own log-in (not the generic unit log-in).  Use the browser to go to:  Or, call the service Desk who can confirm it for you.

Why would I want to sign-up for ASC?

ASC offers a number of benefits to staff, including:
  • More time to consider relief shift offers, minimum 15 minutes before the shift is awarded
  • Choose how you want to be notified of a relief shift offer – text, email or phone
  • Compliance with the Collective Agreement and a call log indicating all shift offers received and associated bids made.

What if I don’t want to sign-up for ASC?

ASC supports better patient care by ensuring shifts are filled appropriately.  We hope all staff will want to participate in this automated process that supports safe, quality care.  All staff need to sign-up for ASC.  

Can I still receive shift offers by phone?

Yes, but we recommend that initially you choose all three options for shift notification – text, email and phone.  This ensures you the best chance of securing shifts quickly.  You can change your contact preference at any time, once the system is live.

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