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Getting ready for ASC

What you need to know about Automated Shift Callout (ASC)

ASC applies to all staff who currently receive shift offers (straight time or overtime) by telephone from one of the VCH staffing offices. When ASC goes live in July 2017, the process by which staff are called for relief shifts will change.   

Right now, when a department needs to fill a shift at short notice (within 72 hours) they contact the Staffing Office, to initiate a manual process for identifying and calling appropriate staff to come to work. This often involves multiple phone calls, following an approved protocol for that unit and in compliance with the collective agreement. It can be time-consuming and challenging to ensure multiple shifts are filled in a short timeframe. 

Automating existing protocols

With ASC, the protocol for who and how to offer work is unchanged; the same staff will be offered the same shifts, but the process for how this happens will be quite different through three simple steps:

  1. Offer – The Staffing Office notifies you of an available shift via text, email, phone or all three
  2. Bid – Advise the Staffing Office if you want the shift
  3. Award – The Staffing Office follows existing protocols, awards the shift and notifies the successful bidder

The shift will be awarded to the most senior employee (unless the Collective Agreement indicates seniority might not apply) who bids on the shift within a set timeframe (15 minutes for shifts starting within 48 hours; and 120 minutes for shifts starting between 48 – 72 hours). If no one bids on the shift it remains open until the first qualified individual accepts it.

What you need to do – Getting ready for ASC

There are a few simple steps required to ensure you are registered in the system and ready for Automated Shift Callout.  These include:

Step 1 – to be completed by June 30

  • Know the log-in and password for your health authority network account 
  • Ensure your health authority network account is linked to your employee ID. This can be confirmed at: (internal link)
  • If you need help with the above, contact the Service Desk at: (604) 875-4334

Step 2 – stay tuned for details as to when this site is available!

Visit the ASC Employee Portal:

  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Enter contact preferences – email, text or phone – for how you want to receive short-call relief shift offers 

Step 3 – ASC goes live July 2017!

Receive relief shift offers via the technology of your choice – text, email or phone – we recommend that staff select all three until they find the method that works best for them. 

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