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Getting ready for ASC: Employee Portal

The ASC employee portal website allows you to maintain your own contact preferences, view current offers, bid on shifts offers, and review your shift offer history. It can be accessed from a computer or a smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.

*Please note that if you are receiving an error message when clicking the above ASC employee portal link, right click on the hyperlink, "Copy link address" and paste the URL into Google Chrome or a recent version of Internet Explorer (IE).

Terms of use

TheASC terms of use will be displayed the first time you sign in. Scroll down to read the entire document, then click the checkbox to accept & click "OK".

Sign in to ASC employee portal

Using your web browser from work or home, go to

When prompted, enter your VCH or other Health Authority network/webmail username and password. This is the same username and password used to access work computers and webmail.

Setting up your ASC contact preferences

After signing in to the ASC Employee Portal, you will be automatically redirected to the Contact Preferences. You can edit and save contact information for three methods of contact for shift offers: text, email and phone.

Turn notifications on/off

In the Contact Methods panel, you can set phone, text message or emails to be active at any time by checking the tick box beside each.

Time frame for notifications 

Select the time ranges you'd like to be contacted by each method. You can set custom preferences for each day of the week individually. 

Notification options

In the Notification Options section, you can:
  • Opt out of shift offers for the remainder of the day
  • Receive a notification when a shift you have bid on is no longer available. This option will be checked by default
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