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Setting up your new iPhone

The following is a list of things you should do as soon as you receive your new iPhone, or download Setting up your new iPhone (PDF copy of this page).

Be sure to also check out the Community Smartphone Quick Reference Guide for important tips on device protection, permitted applications, and expectations of smartphone use.

1. Activate your new phone – instructions for activating your new iPhone have been included in the phone’s box, or download one fo the following instructions:
  1. Activation instructions for users previously on a Rogers device

  2. Activation instructions for users previously on a Telus device 

  3. Please note:  Set-up processes for phones that will be shared by multiple staff can be completed by site coordinators or program administrative support, as directed by the program manager, before being deployed to staff. 

2. Return your old phone (if applicable) – all replaced devices should be returned to your manager and shipped to:

Attn: Sheldon Mishra - Mobile Services
1795 Willingdon Ave
Burnaby, BC
V5C 6E3

3. Set-up your email, calendar and contacts on your new phoneDownload instructions for syncing your VCH Outlook email, calendar, and contacts with your new iPhone.  Important note for shared phone users: initially, you’ll need to access your email and calendar through webmail via the Safari internet browsers. In the New Year we’ll be rolling out a program known as “AirWatch” which will give all employees the ability to log-on to their personal profiles directly. Learn more about AirWatch.  

If you already have a smartphone, without data, your device should now be equipped with data. Not sure if your data is turned on? Download these instructions to find out if your data is turned on.

4. Set up your AppleID for app downloads – Before downloading any apps, staff members using a VCH-issued smartphone may create an Apple ID account using their personal email address or a VCH issued email address. No payment method (e.g. credit card) should be associated with an Apple ID that uses a VCH issued email address.

  • Keep a secure record – Each phone user must communicate their Apple ID and password to their Admin support person, who should keep a secured record of at least the: User name, Phone #, Passcode, Apple ID and Apple ID password for each phone under their control. This ensures the phones can be managed if/when they are re-assigned, if they are lost, or if they are shared.

  • Approved apps for VCH Smartphones –The following is a list of apps approved for use on VCH issued smartphones. Other apps are under review by the VCH/IMITS Working Group and will be added to the list when approved. Staff may download these apps to their smartphone.

For more information about apps and Apple IDs, email

6. Turn off iCloud if on  – iCloud is a function that allows sharing of information (photos, videos, documents, apps, and more) across multiple devices and it stores information in the US. This presents a privacy risk and is also in violation of BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  To help ensure you can continue to be a good steward of your clients' personal information, prior to using your new iPhone, please turn OFF (if on) your iCloud, by following Apple's instructions to change iCloud settings

7. Test photo download – If you think you’ll need to use your new device for capturing clinically relevant photos*, please take a test photo and practice uploading it to your computer. If you have no problem, you’re good to go, but if you experience difficulties, please follow these instructions to upload photos. Not sure if you’ll need to use your phone for photos, or what might need to be kept as part of the client legal record? Please refer to the Use of Smartphones to Record in Community Settings.

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