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Yearly Vacation Request (YVR)

No more pink packs!

As VCH continues to identify and address opportunities to improve and streamline existing practices, the vacation request process for annual vacation planning for unionized staff is being updated. The pink packs are being eliminated and a new yearly vacation request (YVR) process will come into effect starting October 1, 2018 for the upcoming 2019 annual vacation planning period. 

This new process will be more efficient and fair than the pink packs, increase the likelihood of approvals for all employees, including those with lower seniority. It will also be easier for employees who work in different departments to submit their requests, and remove potential conflict in the unit.


Download the Yearly Vacation Request (YVR) Process Overview
Download the 5 things you need to know about YVR

Every year, starting in October, employees begin to choose their annual vacation dates for the following year. This year, there are some changes in how you submit your vacation requests.

Vacation will be requested in three rounds and approved in seniority order up to the daily/weekly quota set by the unit manager. One continuous block of shifts is approved in each of the first and second rounds (a block can include multiple sets of shifts).  New this year, in the third and final round, you can request multiple additional blocks of shifts until you have booked at least 80/85% of your entitlement (each will be approved in seniority order).

By the end of the final round (Dec 31st), additional vacation dates will be assigned to employees who have not booked at least 80/85% of their vacation hours.

Submitting preferences

Download the YVR Form Second Round

Vacation is approved as a continuous block with no worked shifts in between. Vacation dates are approved based on seniority, so it's not always possible to get the vacation dates you most prefer.

During each round, you are asked to list multiple preferences for your vacation in priority order on the new Yearly Vacation Request (YVR) form. It is recommended that all employees, especially those with lower seniority, submit multiple, varied preferences including non-peak dates.

The YVR form allows for flexibility when submitting preferences, including the option to agree to partial approval. Enter your most preferred dates as priority 1 then ask yourself, "If that can't be approved, what dates would I want next? Do I want some of these dates, or other dates all together?" For example: You want two weeks off in the summer, you can submit:

  1. Flexible dates for a number of consecutive shifts within a larger date range—e.g. any 10 consecutive shifts off in the July/August; would be approved if any 10 consecutive dates are open in July/August,

  2. A date range with a minimum number of consecutive shifts that would be acceptable—e.g. minimum of 8 consecutive shifts July 9–16; would be approved if 8–10 consecutive dates are open July 9–16,

  3. Exact dates when you want only the full date range as vacation—e.g. all shifts July 9–16; would be approved only if all 10 dates were open

Additional information

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