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Villa Cathay Care Home details

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Villa Cathay Care Home Society


Building amenities

Three elevators, one main dining area in main building and two satellite dining rooms on East Wing. reading room, craft room, TV lounges and exercise area.

Language, culture, religious affiliations

Predominantly Chinese ethnic background. Staff and resident speak a variety of dialects, Cantonese, Mandarin, Toishan, etc.

Accreditation status

Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services health care organizations provide to their residents, based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada or by CARF.

Philosophy of care

  • Respect the individuality of each resident and provide compassionate care to meet resident’s needs as a holistic being.
  • Uphold the highest standards to nurture and foster quality of life and to excel in quality of care
  • Provide a collaborative, team-oriented work environment where everyone takes pride in their work, demonstrates integrity, and is accountable to those we  serve
  • Create a home-like environment where residents, family members, and caretakers are engaged and where it is comfortable, secured, and full of laughter

Type of accommodation

Villa Cathay has 154 beds with both private and multi-person room configurations. All rooms have their own washroom. 


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income which covers the cost of food and accommodation. Minimum and maximum rates apply. There may be other costs not included in the resident contribution. Visit our Costs page for more information.

Special recreation opportunities

Daily Cantonese movie or Hong Kong/China TV episodes. Celebrates all Chinese traditional festivities. Weekly Church and Buddhist group visits.


Cane, walker and wheelchairs

Motorized scooter policy

Not suitable for motorized scooters.

Pet policy

Pets will be considered in individual case.

Smoking policy

Villa Cathay is a non smoking care home. 

Safety & security features

Heat detectors connected to central monitored alarm panel and local smoke detectors in every room. Smoke detectors in hallway connected to alarm panel. Surveillance cameras in strategic hallway area and building perimeters.

Neighbourhood & community amenities

Bus stop at rear of building, daily pick up of mail box on front. 6 blocks to Chinatown. Ample street parking.

Care home-specific restrictions

Alcohol consumption will be monitored.

Information last updated June 2016

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