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<div class="ExternalClass3B0C2D89B744417CA7B747D8E9563D18"><h2>Virtual drop-in groups<br></h2><span aria-hidden="true"></span><p>VCH North Shore Public Health nurses are excited to launch virtual drop-in groups for parents and babies using the Zoom app. We look forward to sharing stories, connecting, and supporting each other as we all adapt to this new normal. During these sessions, we will be exploring different topics related to taking care of yourselves and your babies, as well as promoting community connections during COVID-19.</p><h2>When<br></h2><p>Tuesday afternoons from 2-3 p.m.<br></p><h2>Upcoming topics<br></h2><ul><li><p>July 7, 2020 – Feeding your Baby/Starting Solids</p></li><li><p>July 14, 2020 – Changing Family Relationships</p></li><li><p>July 21, 2020 – Safety</p></li><li><p>July 28, 2020 – Taking Care of Baby</p></li></ul><span aria-hidden="true"></span><h2>How to join<br></h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Join with this Zoom link each week</a> (link will not change) <br>Meeting ID: 678 6476 8802<br>Password: Baby</p><ul><li><p>You'll need a charged smartphone, tablet or computer, internet connection and a private space for conversation</p></li><li><p>Visit our <a href="">virtual health webpage</a> for instructions on downloading Zoom to your phone or computer </p></li><li><p>Review the <a href="" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />Virtual patient notice</a><br></p></li><li><p>On the day of the call, please connect to Zoom a few minutes before the scheduled start time. The call will remain in the 'waiting room' until the host begins the group session. <br></p></li></ul><p>We look forward to seeing you,</p><p>Your Public Health Nurses <br></p></div>870 Lynn Valley Road(604) 983-6883<div class="ExternalClass5D6C96F7C73E4C8887AD2786D3B368C5">Hours may change, please check the current schedule on the website for more details.</div><div class="ExternalClass5D6C96F7C73E4C8887AD2786D3B368C5"><br></div><div class="ExternalClass5D6C96F7C73E4C8887AD2786D3B368C5">Tuesday: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.</div>(604) 983-6700V7J 1Z7BC49.33165,-123.0491274<div class="ExternalClass8DD7FB4D90D54FE0846A8780BF7EC7B5"><p><br></p></div><p>​</p><div class="ExternalClass2A74EA48B1A34507AA8271E920DC96D1"><p>​Some of our groups are for parents of infants and others are for parents of toddlers. Call the group to find out the target age range.<br>Give us a call and we'll give you the schedule for the group that is in session.<br></p></div>Located at Hillside Baptist ChurchHillside Baptist Church

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