Mount St. Joseph Hospital

Residential care in Vancouver

Mount St. Joseph Hospital

Mount St. Joseph Hospital is a four-storey community hospital. The MSJ Residence occupies the second floor of the hospital.

Residents live in four neighborhoods (units) named Plum Blossom, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, and Orchid. There is a covered area at the front and back of the hospital for convenient drop off.

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How do I access residential care? You can access residential care through Vancouver Coastal Health. Please do not contact the operator directly.

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Building amenities

Residents and families have access to a variety of amenities located within Mount St. Joseph Hospital and within MSJ Residence. Located within MSJ Residence are two dining room areas. Various activities are held in these dining rooms. In the summer, our residents and families can spend quiet time on our patio garden. Our sunroom can be made available for families who want to hold special celebrations or who just want to spend some quiet time with their loved ones. Located on the ground floor of the hospital are a quaint gift shop and cafeteria. A chapel situated on the first floor is available to everyone to use. Families and visitors are welcomed to use the paid parking lot, which is part of the hospital premise.

Language, culture, religious affiliations

Mount St. Joseph Hospital has a history of caring for sick and disadvantaged immigrants, particularly the Chinese community. This tradition continues to this day, where a high percentage of the residents living at MSJ Residence are of Chinese heritage.  Our staff represents a diversity of cultures where every effort is made to provide a home-like atmosphere. MSJ Residence is part of Providence Health Care, a Catholic-based organization that welcomes and fosters the faith and spiritual traditions of all our residents.

Accreditation status

Yes: 2007-2010

Philosophy of care

MSJ Residence is part of Providence Health Care, a Catholic faith-based care provider that operates five residential care facilities in Vancouver. Providence Health Care has adopted the Eden Alternative ™ as a way of living our Mission everyday.  The Eden Alternative ™ focuses on eliminating loneliness, helplessness and boredom by building healthy, vibrant communities where opportunities for companionship, decision-making and giving back to the community are encouraged. At MSJ Residence, the Eden Alternative philosophy is brought alive within the context of Chinese cultural preferences. We provide holistic health care which includes recreation and rehabilitation therapy, social work, pastoral care, dietary, music therapy, nursing and medicine and pharmacy.

Type of accommodation

A combination of (17) four-bed rooms, (1) three-bed rooms, (6) semi-private rooms and (17) private rooms are available.


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income which covers the cost of food and accommodation. Minimum and maximum rates apply. There may be other costs not included in the resident contribution. For more information on costs, please refer to the Information on Residential Care Guide.

Special recreation opportunities

We have neighbourhood-based activities (i.e. groupings of 23-28) and larger community activities coordinated by rehabilitation assistants in partnership with other members of the team.  Our families are a vital part of our community and are encouraged to both participate in and organize activities that make life meaningful for the residents at MSJ Residence. We have a wide-range of activities that occur on a regular basis. Dim sum luncheon, Five-card bingo, karaoke night, casino night, and Tai Chi classes are some examples. In addition, special events are planned regularly to celebrate Canadian and cultural holidays (e.g. New Year, Autumn Moon Festival, Dragonboat Festival, etc). Music and rehabilitation therapy play an important part of the residents’ lives as well.  Once every year, the MSJ Eden Spirit team consisting of staff, families, and residents, participate in the Scotiabank Half-marathon and 5km run/walk to raise funds for dementia research.


We are a wheelchair accessible building. There is elevator access to the second floor from Prince Edward (main) entrance and Kingsway (back) entrance.

Motorized scooter policy

Use of motorized scooters will be based on an assessment by the Occupational Therapist to ensure safety for the resident and others.  Storage of the motorized scooter when not in use will be subject to space availability within the neighborhood.

Pet policy

One of the volunteer programs at MSJ Residence is pet therapy.  Carefully screened and trained pets (usually dogs) come with the owners and visit residents who miss having the companionship of an animal.  If a resident has a family pet that would like to come for a visit, this is allowed.  Families are requested to check with nursing staff in advance of the pet’s visit and to ensure the pet is leashed.  The organization has the right to request that a pet not visit our residence if there are any concerns.

Smoking policy

Smoke free premises

Safety/security features

Smoke detectors and sprinklers are located in each room.

Neighbourhood/community amenities

MSJ Residence is located within the vibrant community of Mount Pleasant. Two blocks away from MSJ Residence is Main Street where an array of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes are found. Mount Pleasant Community Centre, Mount Pleasant public library, and Kingsgate Mall are also situated nearby and are wheelchair accessible. Within walking distance from MSJ Residence are two small parks. MSJ Residence is accessible by public transit (Bus # 19 and Bus # 3). If driving, families and visitors can make use of paid parking spaces located on hospital grounds.

Facility-specific restrictions

Scent free