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Public health

VCH Public Health works to improve the health and well-being of residents through preventing disease, promoting health, and prolonging life among the population as a whole. 

Taking action to improve health

Get a glimpse into some of the key issues and actions that our teams take to promote health and wellness in the Vancouver Coastal region. While this report only captures a fraction of the work that we undertake, we hope that it provides you with a better understanding of how Public Health supports you and your community in living longer and healthier lives.

Quick links for public health topics

Restaurant closures & food service permits

Go to our Restaurants & food safety section to see a list of restaurant closures or find out how to apply for a food service permit.

Immunization (vaccination) against infectious diseases

Visit our immunizations page to learn how to protect you and your children from serious and potentially fatal infections and diseases like the flu, polio, diphtheria, measles and rubella.

Overdose prevention & response

Visit our Overdose prevention & response page to learn about opioids like fentanyl, W-18 and carfentanil. This page also includes information about how to recognize, prevent and reverse an overdose with naloxone.

Flu shots & flu clinics

Visit our Flu shots & flu clinics page to learn where to get a flu shot and who can get the flu shot for free.

Needle exchange

Visit our Needle exchange page for services that safely dispose of used needles, provide clean needles and supplies, and encourage safer injecting practices to stop the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases.

Quit smoking

Visit our Tobacco cessation page for resources to help you quit smoking.

Public health information for health professionals, operators & teachers

Are you a physician?

Read the Physicians’ Update, a publication of the Office of the Chief Medical Health Officer, intended for GPs and nurse practitioners.

Do you operate a contracted residential care facility or licensed daycare?

Visit our Licensing section for resources about residential care and child care licensing, including information about the inspection process, inspection reports and standards of practice guidelines.

Are you a teacher or school administrator?

Our School health section includes the school health manuals for the North Shore and Vancouver.

Are you a health professional or researcher?

Review our Community Wellness Reports and Community Health Profiles to learn more about the health of our communities. Our For health professionals section also shares findings on disease surveillance, including immunization rates.

Are you a water or pool operator?

Browse our drinking water resources and recreational pool water resources.

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