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School health

Our school health program provides immunizations as well as health and referral information to school-aged children, staff and parents. Nurses also provide referrals for a variety of assessments such as dental, auditory, speech, nutrition and mental health. Individual health consultations are provided by a nurse.

Each year we publish school health manuals to help school staff access health-care services for school-aged children and youth. View the online manual for your region below:

Vancouver School health manual

North Shore School health manual

Section 1: Public health nurse
Section 2: Immunizations
Section 3: Communicable disease control
Section 4: Nutrition
Section 5: Hearing
Section 6: Vision
Section 7: Dental
Section 8: Mental health and substance use
Section 9: Body image & eating disorders
Section 10: Alcohol & drug services
Section 11: Tobacco reduction
Section 12: Students with special needs
Section 13: Youth clinics & sexual health
Section 14: Students with medical conditions
Section 15: Allergies & anaphylaxis
Section 16: Head lice & bed bugs
Section 17: Multicultural health services
Section 18: Health protection
Section 1: Public health nurse
Section 2: Immunizations
Section 3: Communicable disease control
Section 4: Nutrition
Section 5: Hearing
Section 6: Vision
Section 7: Dental
Section 8: Mental health and substance use
Section 9: Body image & eating disorders
Section 10: Children with special needs & illnesses
Section 11: Youth clinics & sexual health
Section 12: Medical alerts, allergies & anaphylaxis
Section 13: Head lice
Section 14: Health protection
Section 15: School transitions

School health promotion action guides

Find ideas to promote health for students within your school in the health promotion action guides. Each guide includes tips, resources and more information on how VCH can support.

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