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Hearing resources for North Shore schools

North Shore school health manual - Section 5

The early detection of hearing loss is very important for speech and language development. Hearing can be accurately assessed for children of any age. 

Kindergarten hearing screening

All kindergarten students have their hearing screened in school. The screening happens once a year and a date is scheduled with the school each year. Public health will send the letter below to inform parents of the vision and hearing screening date:
Parent notification letter of Kindergarten hearing screening

Grades 1-12 hearing screening

Schools can arrange hearing screening for students grades 1-12, with the verbal consent of the parents or guardians using the request form below: 
Request for hearing screening for non-kindergarten students

If you make a request for hearing screening at least one week before kindergarten screening is scheduled at your school and space is available, students will be screened at this time. Otherwise, students will be screened at the VCH North Shore Children’s Hearing Clinic within a few weeks of the request.

When should a child's hearing be re-screened?

Students who have passed a hearing screening within the past 12 months generally would not require an additional screening. An additional screening may be considered if there has been a change in the child's health or there is a family history of progressive hearing loss. 

How do I access screening results?

Hearing screening results are sent home with students the day of screening.  We also notify the school principal of the screening results.

Hearing resources

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