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Immunization Program for North Shore Schools

North Shore school health manual - Section 2

The immunization program protects as many children as possible against vaccine-preventable diseases. We immunize routinely in kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 9. There is no fee for these vaccines. These vaccines are included in BC's childhood immunization program.

Get immunization schedules by grade on the Immunize BC – Vaccine Schedules website.

Public Health's role

  • Request vaccination information from parents and assess the need for further vaccines according to established immunization schedules

  • Review students' immunization records and contact students who require catch-up vaccines to ensure students have the best protection and the right doses for their age

  • Answer questions about immunizations for parents, students and school staff

  • Scheduled kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 9 clinics in the school setting.

  • Notifies parents of clinic dates through school correspondence.

  • Send individual student consent form home for parent to sign and return.

Although there is no set age for when a child becomes capable, common practice is for parents or guardians of children in grade 6 to give consent for their child to be immunized. However, children in grade 9 in Public Schools are given the opportunity to consent for themselves. Children are also able to refuse a vaccine for which their parent or guardian has consented as long as they understand the risks of not having it. For more information please see: The Infants Act, Mature Minor Consent and Immunization  

Schools' role

 Assists with the collection of immunization records and signed consents

  • Provides public health with student directory and homeroom/class lists as requested
  • Returns completed consent forms to the public health nurse

Facilitates the delivery of quality immunization services in the school setting

  • Assists public health to advertise vaccination and school clinics by posting or distributing important immunization information (i.e. posters, school newsletter, website, etc.)
  • Avoids booking other activities (i.e. field trips or sports days) at the same time as pre-scheduled immunization clinics
  • Provides appropriate space for safe immunization including a waiting area for students to remain 15 minutes following immunization
  • Fosters a positive attitude in the classroom about keeping healthy through immunization and dispels unreasonable fear of needles
  • Directs all immunization questions to the public health nurse

Parents' role

  • Return all school Immunization Consent forms by the deadline indicated on the form. 

  • Submit your child's immunization history when requested by public health in one of the following ways: 

  1. Dropping the record off at your child's school (Front office) 

  2. Self-reporting online:

  3. Fax (604) 983-6883

  4. Contact your school Public Health Nurse (604) 983-6700

A reminder about immunization records: Parents are reminded to always keep a copy of all the vaccines their child has received so that the information can be provided when needed.

Throughout school-aged years parents will be asked to submit their child's immunization record to their school, daycare facilities, post-secondary institutions, sport facilities etc. 

When will immunization clinics be held at my school?

Please check with your school or contact your school public health nurse at (604) 983-6700.

What if a student misses the school vaccination clinic?

Students can get vaccinated at the next school clinic or at their local community health centre.

Some physicians and pharmacists on the North Shore offer childhood immunizations, please check with your local clinic or pharmacy to confirm.

What happens if my child does not get all the routine vaccines?

If someone at school has a vaccine-preventable infectious disease, children who are unprotected may be asked to stay home until it is safe to return. They may miss school activities and days or even weeks of school.

Immunization rates by school

You can check the immunization rates for kindergarten, grade 6, and grade 9 students at all schools within VCH on the immunization coverage page

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