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Nutrition resources for North Shore schools

North Shore school health manual - Section 4

The School Health Dietitian works with schools to promote a healthy school environment by:

  • Helping schools assess their food environment and set healthy eating goals

  • Supporting the work of healthy eating committees

  • Supporting the development of food and healthy eating policies

  • Working with schools to plan initiatives such as farm-to-school and school gardens

  • Consulting on the implementation of the BC Food and Beverage Guidelines (e.g. food service, fundraisers, vending machines, sports days)

  • Providing professional development workshops (e.g. Brain Food)

  • Providing healthy eating resources (e.g. Canada's Food Guide, lesson plans for K-12 about food, nutrition, body image, gardens, etc.)

  • Helping school staff find appropriate nutrition services for students (e.g. eating disorder services, nutrition counselling)

  • Delivering nutrition education sessions to secondary school students or alternate school students

How do I access the school dietitian?

Helen Yeung, School Health Dietitian 

Phone: (604) 904-6458 

How can I see a dietitian in person for individual diet concerns?

The Nutritional Counselling Program offers nutritional counselling for North Shore residents of all ages. Education is offered by a clinical dietitian in an individual or group setting, depending on client needs.

Nutrition resources for schools  

Supporting Healthy Eating at School - Your one-stop shop for healthy eating resources, toolkits, and research related to fundraisers, gardens, policy-creation, and more.

Eating for Peak Performance - A sports nutrition handout for youth

Healthier Rewards - Ideas to provide rewards for children in secondary schools and community programs.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Youth - Resources to ensure youth get adequate nutrition without meat.

Lunches to Go - Healthy food ideas for packed lunches.

Sharing Food, Creating Fun - Handout for parents on the benefits of eating together and ideas to encourage the family meal.

Fueling Your Mind and Body - Handout on different aspects of healthy eating

Fasting in the Name of World Hunger 

Risks of Fasting 

Information for healthy and safe food events at school
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