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Nutrition resources for North Shore schools

North Shore school health manual - Section 4

The School Health Dietitian works with schools to promote a healthy school environment by:

  • Helping schools assess their food environment and set healthy eating goals

  • Supporting the work of healthy eating committees

  • Supporting the development of food and healthy eating policies

  • Working with schools to plan initiatives such as farm-to-school and school gardens

  • Consulting on the implementation of the BC Food and Beverage Guidelines (e.g. food service, fundraisers, vending machines, sports days)

  • Providing professional development workshops (e.g. Brain Food)

  • Providing healthy eating resources (e.g. Canada's Food Guide, lesson plans for K-12 about food, nutrition, body image, gardens, etc.)

  • Helping school staff find appropriate nutrition services for students (e.g. eating disorder services, nutrition counselling)

  • Delivering nutrition education sessions to secondary school students or alternate school students

How do I access the school dietitian?

Helen Yeung, School Health Dietitian 

Phone: (604) 904-6458 

How can I see a dietitian in person for individual diet concerns?

The Nutritional Counselling Program offers nutritional counselling for North Shore residents of all ages. Education is offered by a clinical dietitian in an individual or group setting, depending on client needs.

Nutrition resources for schools  

Healthy Eating at School - Your one-stop shop for healthy eating resources, toolkits, and research related to fundraisers, gardens, policy-creation, and more.

Action Schools! BC - A best practices model designed to help schools create individualized healthy living action plans.

Nutrition and Health Living Resources for Elementary Teachers

Food and Nutrition Resources for Secondary Schools

Eating for Peak Performance - A sports nutrition handout for youth

Healthier Rewards - Ideas to provide rewards for children in secondary schools and community programs.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Youth - Resources to ensure youth get adequate nutrition without meat.

Lunches to Go - Healthy food ideas for packed lunches.

Sharing Food, Creating Fun - Handout for parents on the benefits of eating together and ideas to encourage the family meal.

Fueling Your Mind and Body - Handout on different aspects of healthy eating

Fasting in the Name of World Hunger 

Risks of Fasting 

Information for healthy and safe food events at school
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