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Youth Clinics & Sexual Health for Vancouver Schools

Vancouver school health manual - Section 13

We have a number of health care services designed to meet the specific needs of youth. 

Vancouver school health manual - Section 13: Youth clinics and sexual health

BLUSH: Bold Learning for Understanding Sexual Health

BLUSH (formerly ‘Condomania’) is a peer-to-peer education program under Vancouver Coastal Health that works with youth age 12-18 to explore attitudes, values, and behaviours that support sexual health and well-being for lifelong impact. We’ve been delivering sexual health education to youth in the Lower Mainland for more than 20 years. Learn more about our offerings and booking a workshop by visiting our website:

Vancouver youth clinics

Vancouver youth clinics offer free and confidential sexual health services in a youth-friendly environment to individuals under 25 years old. Clinics are staffed by trained public health nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and youth counsellors. Youth are welcome to drop-in; no referrals, fees or identification are required. However, we do need youth to use their legal name for documentation purposes.

Youth clinic services

  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, diagnosis, treatment and prevention counseling for both males and females
  • Contraception (free for school aged youth)
  • Emergency contraception (free)
  • Pap screening for females
  • Pregnancy testing and non-biased options counseling services including prenatal care, adoption referral or abortion referral
  • Tobacco use reduction counseling, nicotine replacement therapy (free)

Youth counsellors

If you know of a student who could benefit from counselling, encourage them to see a youth counsellor at a nearby youth clinic where they must self-refer to receive services. Youth counselling services offered by the Public Health program are voluntary and client driven. The service available provides individual non-crisis counselling to youth aged 13-24 who are not currently, involved with any other counselling services. Common themes for youth seeking these services include concerns with relationships or family, stress, identity development, sexuality or other personal issues.

This youth clinic service is not appropriate for youth who are at risk of suicide or have drug and alcohol use as their primary concern or a mental health diagnosis. Youth with such issues or concerns are encouraged to seek other services more appropriate to their needs such as: 

Vancouver Youth Clinic Locations and Hours

Search our locations & services directory for a Youth Clinic near you.

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