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School age immunization campaign

Vaccine Status Reporting Regulation (VSRR)

BC's new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation came into effect on July 1, 2019.  It supports the gathering of immunization records by public health.  The regulation applies to all students in all schools within the Province's jurisdiction. This includes international students and those who are home-schooled.  It does not apply to children attending schools in First Nations communities.

Gathering this information is important.  It helps us to respond quickly to outbreaks in schools and helps everyone get back to learning as soon as possible.

Immunization record review and catch-up campaign for school age children

Public health is in the process of reviewing immunization records we have on file for all children who attend school within Vancouver Coastal boundaries. We already have complete records for many children. Thus, most families will not be contacted or need to take any action. If you are contacted, it may only mean that we need to update some information in our files.   

If you receive a letter from us, it is for one of these reasons:

  • Your child is missing one or more vaccines.

  • Your child received their vaccinations from their family doctor, or elsewhere, and our records are incomplete.

  • You recently moved to the area and we do not have your child's records.

How to provide immunization records

You can email a photo of your child's record to one of the emails below. You can also drop off a copy at your child's school or a VCH Community Health Centre. 

Central email Inbox for immunizations according to community:

Please include the following information:

  • Your child's full name, date of birth, and Care Card number

  • Your address and phone number

Where to get immunized

If your child has not had all recommended vaccines, we highly recommend that you get your child immunized. Your child can receive vaccines at Community Health Centres, or other designated immunization centres* in your community. Children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 may also receive vaccines through their family doctor. Please call ahead to ensure vaccine is available. First Nations children can also receive vaccines in their communities.

1808 Kingsway, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart
2748 East Hastings, Vancouver
604-251-5358 ext. 33

Shoppers Drug Mart
102-2607 East 49th Avenue, Vancouver
604-431-5538 ext. 33

London Drugs
3328 Kingsway, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart
5968 Webber Lane (UBC), Vancouver

West 10th Medical Pharmacy (IDA)
4307 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart
2303 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver
604-266-5344 ext. 33

Shoppers Drug Mart
5940 University Boulevard, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart
3020 West Broadway, Vancouver

Kerrisdale Pharmacy
5591 West Boulevard, Vancouver

Fraser Outreach Pharmacy
4127 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart
4590 Fraser Street, Vancouver
604-873-2681 ext. 33

Shoppers Drug Mart
885 West Broadway, Vancouver
604-708-1135 ext. 33

Lancaster Pharmacy
1-601 West Broadway, Vancouver

1517 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver

Everwell Pharmacy
8179 Granville Street, Vancouver (at W. 65th Avenue)

MJ's Pharmacy 
6689 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (at E. 51st Avenue) 

MJ's Pharmacy
6255 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (at E. 47th Avenue)

PharmaChoice Pharmacy
571 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver

Wellness Pharmacy No. 5
5150 Joyce Street, Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart #2252
3303 Main Street, Vancouver
778-328-9580 ext 33

We are currently planning the COVID immunization campaign. For immunizations to school age children, please check back in Spring 2021.

We are currently planning the COVID immunization campaign. For immunizations to school age children, please check back in Spring 2021.


We are currently planning the COVID immunization campaign. For immunizations to school age children, please check back in Spring 2021.


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