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Outbreaks & pandemics

An outbreak happens when a disease occurs in higher numbers than expected in a community or region during a season.

When a disease spreads easily and rapidly through many countries, and affects a very high number of people, it is called a pandemic.

Get protection from pandemic flu

Pandemic flu occurs only 2 or 3 times a century. Like any flu season, immunization is the best protection for you and your family during a flu pandemic. You can also reduce your risk of infection by following healthy practices.

How VCH is preparing

At VCH, we are actively preparing for a pandemic:

  • Monitoring influenza in VCH and around the world.

  • Planning resources and support for our health care providers.

  • Developing systems to get drugs, medical supplies and equipment to where they're needed, fast.

  • Developing information for the public and health care providers.

  • Making sure we can deliver a vaccine to everyone in VCH, once it's developed.

  • Developing communications systems to provide you with accurate, timely information.

Pandemic response plan

During an influenza pandemic, the first priority is to save lives and care for the ill, while minimizing the impact to the community. It is essential to be prepared. Our Pandemic Outbreak Response Plan is reviewed regularly to stay up-to-date.

VCH Regional Pandemic Outbreak Response Plans

Pandemic resources

Visit the VCH Communicable Disease Control website to get all the latest news and resources to stay safe from outbreaks and pandemics at:

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