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Health Promotion Grants

“Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.” – World Health Organization

Since 1997, VCH has provided more than $4 million dollars each year in grants across the VCH Region to support community partners in their work to help empower vulnerable communities to increase control over, and improve, their own health through addressing upstream social and/or environmental barriers.

Over 90% of grant funding is currently committed to providing stable, long-term core operational funding through SMART Health Promotion Program Grants to approximately 70 registered not-for-profit partners. The remainder is provided to fund one-time program enhancements, development and innovation, organizational capacity building, partnership and collaboration, and projects responding to emergent health promotion priorities. 

In addition to developing, managing and administering these grant programs, VCH Community Investments also provides various organizational capacity building supports to funded agencies and the not-for-profit health promotion sector; engages in various fund development activities; and conducts research and evaluation to support this work. 

Ultimately, all efforts aim to support community partners in their crucial role to help empower vulnerable communities to address underlying systemic barriers and issues that lead to health inequities and marginalization.

VCH Health Promotion Grant Programs Currently Accepting Applications

One-time-only (OTO) Health Promotion Project Grants

Next Application Deadline: 5pm on August 30, 2018

Download Full Guidelines and Application Form (Round 2)

Non-renewable project grants for registered not-for-profit organizations to respond to emergent community and organizational health promotion needs. Projects must be one-time-only in nature and intent. They may include one-time-only program enhancements/expansions, pilot projects, small capital projects, program research/planning, and/or organizational capacity building. Total funding for this grant program is very limited, and varies from year to year. 2018 OTO Health Promotion Project Grants are anticipated to range from $100 to $10,000, with an average grant of $5,500.

Current priority funding areas

  • Enhancing social connectedness and social supports for vulnerable people.

  • Enhancing early childhood development or resiliency of at-risk children and youth.

  • Enhancing resiliency of refugees and other vulnerable newcomers.

  • Community capacity building to increase income security of vulnerable people.

  • Organizational capacity building (OCB) to strengthen organizations implementing health promotion programming.

Applications are accepted at any time, but reviewed in 2 rounds (with an application deadline of May 15th, 2018 & August 30th, 2018 respectively), or upon exception at other times due to special circumstances. Regardless of project start date, all activities must be completed and funds spent before March 31, 2019. Funded applicants must complete and submit a final evaluation report once their project has been completed. As guidelines and priority funding areas may change from round to round, please check back for the most current guidelines/application in advance of each round.

Other VCH Health Promotion Grants Programs

Please note that no new funding or general/region-wide call for applications is anticipated for Sharon Martin (SMART) Community Health Promotion Program Grants. VCH ACTION Mini-GRANTs for injury prevention have all been awarded for 2018. 

All other VCH Health Promotion Grant programs are still in development. Please check back regularly for information about new grant opportunities as they become available.

Learn more about Health Promotion Grants

Please contact us at or (604) 714-3780 for more Information about VCH Health Promotion Grants – including:

  • If you want to apply for a grant but are not sure whether your project is eligible under the guidelines and criteria of a particular grant program.

  • If you have been awarded a VCH Health Promotion Grant and have questions or need help with reporting.

  • If you want to donate to help support community health promotion efforts.

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