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Food Asset Maps

Food assets are places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn about food. 

A food asset map is a snapshot of food-related resources (or food assets) to better serve our community. Food asset maps are used:

  1. To provide a tool to community members and partners for locating community food assets that is current, easy to use and easily updated.

  2. To build community capacity to support community members dealing with food insecurity*.

  3. To make it easier for community partners to view and use community food assets strategically.

VCH public health dietitians partnered with Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks, North Shore Table Matters Network, Squamish Food Policy Council, UBC Land and Food Systems students and instructors, the City of Vancouver and Fresh Roots to create Food Asset Maps. The maps below highlight food assets located in local communities. 

*Community food security exists when "… all community residents obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self-reliance and equal access for everyone" (Hamm and Bellows, 2003)


This map will continue to be improved and updated with the help of community members and partners. If you would like to add an asset to the Vancouver map please email with the following information of the asset: Full name, website name and URL, phone number, email, and physical address including postal code.

View the Vancouver food asset map


Richmond Public Health, in partnership with Richmond Food Security Society, UBC Land and Food Systems, and the City of Richmond developed this food asset map. The listings for the Richmond Food Asset Map are no longer up-to-date, so please confirm by phone any food assets you wish to visit. Please use this temporary "Richmond Emergency Food Asset Map" for the current status of Emergency food services in Richmond. As services offered can change quickly, consider getting in touch with the organizations or stores to confirm their hours or delivery/pick up options. If you notice any updates that are needed, please email us at

View Richmond Emergency food asset map

North Shore

Many food service organizations on the North Shore provide free or low-cost groceries and meals as well as regular grocery stores that accept grocery orders by phone/internet with delivery for those who can’t shop in person. Below is a link to a list of these providers and their services. On the North Shore Table Matters Network food asset web page, scroll down to find listings and pdf versions of resources. 

View the North Shore Community food asset map

Ways to access groceries on the North Shore (Shop by Phone with delivery, etc)

Suggestions or questions for the North Shore Map?


Sunshine Coast Public Health, with help from One Straw Society, have developed a resource that allows members of our community to find current food assets anywhere between Pender Harbour and Port Mellon. If you would like to add or update a Food Asset please email

Sunshine Coast

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