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Assisted living


Assisted living services provide housing, hospitality services and personal care services for adults who can live independently and make decisions on their own behalf but require a supportive environment due to physical and functional health challenges. It is one of the many Home and Community Care services we offer. 

Learn more by reading our Assisted Living Handbook or visit the BC Gov assisted living webpage

If you need help with meals and personal care, particularly if you are living alone or feeling isolated, assisted living services may be an option for you. Assisted living services includes: 

  • Accommodation: Private, lockable apartment or suite that you furnish with your own belongings. Buildings also have common dining and socializing spaces.

  • Hospitality services: Two meals a day (lunch and dinner), weekly housekeeping, weekly laundering of linens (towels and sheets), social and recreational opportunities and 24-hour emergency response system.

  • Personal care services: Assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing and medication management.

Assisted living is for seniors and people living with physical disabilities. You must:

  • Meet eligibility for home & community care.

  • Be able to direct your own care and make decisions.

  • Be able to live independently but require help with daily activities.

  • Be able to communicate and be understood by others.

  • Not behave in ways that place the safety of others at risk.

  • Be able to take direction in an emergency and use the emergency response system.

  • Not be managing well in your home with the available services.

Subsidized assisted living

  • Individual tenants pay 70% of their after-tax income (with a set minimum and maximum amount) which covers rent, hospitality services and personal care.

  • Couples living together pay 70% of their combined after-tax income.

  • Clients on income assistance and disability benefits pay a pre-determined, set rate.

You may be required to pay other fees for services not covered in the monthly rate based on your personal choices, including telephone, cable, hydro, household and toiletry supplies, medications, personal care supplies and insurance costs. Some facilities also require a damage deposit upon move-in. You will be told about all fees before you move in. You make these payments to the assisted living operator each month, along with a small BC Hydro surcharge. Learn more by reading our Assisted Living Handbook.

Private non-subsidized assisted living

There are also privately operated, non-subsidized assisted living sites where we have no involvement in the funding or access process. Learn more: 

Submit feedback

VCH invites you to share your feedback through the Assisted Living Registry who are appointed to protect and promote the health and safety of residents in assisted living. Contact the Assisted Living Registry


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