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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

What is ERAS?

ERAS is an evidence supported care pathway that has instructions about eating and drinking, physical activity and controlling your pain and nausea. ERAS aims to put YOU, the person having surgery, at the forefront of care to help you feel better faster, reduce complications after surgery and have a shorter hospital stay.

Why is it used?

Enhanced recovery helps patients, care givers and care providers plan and prepare for surgery together. By taking an active role in your surgery and recovery process, you can heal faster, safer and easier. 

  • First and foremost- YOU!

  • Your family or care givers

  • Everyone on the health care team

* Please ask your surgeon if the surgery you are having is under the ERAS program.

Before surgery

  • Read the ERAS education booklet  before your surgery.  Please have this booklet for your Pre-admission Clinic appointment, during your hospital stay and when you visit your family doctor. 

  • Follow the clear juice instructions

  • Bring sugar free chewing gum to the hospital on the day of surgery. This will help "wake up " your digestive system.

During surgery

  • The health care team will take care of you using the ERAS care guidelines

After surgery

  • Eat and drink as soon as you and your healthcare team feel it is safe

  • Sit in a chair as soon as you and your healthcare team feel it is safe

  • Walk to the bathroom and in the hallway as soon as you and your healthcare team feel it is safe

You are the most important part in your recovery.

The following hospitals have the ERAS program:

  • Vancouver General Hospital

  • UBC Hospital

  • Lions Gate Hospital

  • Richmond Hospital

This is an overall summary of what your surgical journey may look like. ‎Download the ERAS patient journey PDF.

Watch these helpful videos

These videos were created by BC Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Collaborative and the Specialist Services Committee, a joint collaborative committee between the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health.

Patient Education Video

Find out what happens before, during and after surgery.

You can also watch in Cantonese (廣東話), Mandarin (普通话) or Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)

Patient Experience Video

See the patient perspective on their experience with ERAS.

Surgery education booklets

These booklets can help you understand your surgery and give you information to help plan for your recovery. The booklets include detailed information about pain and post-operative nausea management.


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