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Regular medical care



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Regular medical care, or primary health care, is about keeping you healthy through access to basic, everyday health care services. We believe in taking a proactive approach to your personal health care by encouraging ongoing comprehensive care  with a family doctor. Meeting your primary health care needs may involve other health professionals such as nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, physiotherapists and social workers. 

Primary health care providers can:

  • Provide support to help you stay healthy and avoid getting sick or injured

  • Ensure you and your family have up to date immunizations

  • Advise you on what health screening services you should access

  • Help you prevent or manage chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure

  • Provide initial diagnosis and treatment of illness

  • Empower you to take an active role in your own health care

  • Help you understand the factors that influence your health

  • Organize services and navigate your through the range of health services you require

Accessing health care

  • Family doctors

  • Community health centres - see map below

  • HealthLink BC - Call 8-1-1 (7-1-1 for the deaf and hard of hearing) for a free, 24-hour telephone service, staffed by registered nurses, pharmacists and dieticians who can answer your health-related questions with translation services in over 130 languages.

  • Walk-in clinics - If you have a health concern that is not an emergency, and you do not yet have a family doctor, walk-in clinics provide non-emergency health care services on a drop-in basis. 

  • Urgent primary care offers same-day care for unexpected, non-life-threatening health conditions.

  • Hospital emergency department - If you are not dealing with an emergency health condition, use primary care services instead. Not sure if it’s an emergency? Find out here.

  • Emergency phone numbers - Find contact information for physical and mental health resources.

Find a community health centre near you

Community health centres provide a range of health care services in a single location, including access to public and community health nurses, mental health and addiction counsellors, dental clinics for children, speech therapists, nutritionists, youth drop-in health clinics and more. Do you live outside the VCH region? View a map of BC health authorities.

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