Parking Rates in Richmond

Last updated November 2013

Parking Rates in Richmond

This page includes parking rates for the following facility:

Richmond Hospital

Parking RatesRichmond Hospital
Minoru Residences
Half Hour
$1.75 n/a


n/a $3.00
24 Hours
$15.00 $15.00
Weekly $35.25 n/a
Family Monthly Code*
n/a $37.50
Monthly $63.00 n/a

Financial hardship permits may be available on a case by case basis.  Please talk to your unit social worker for more information.

What do I need to know about parking?

  • Park in first available stall
  • Remember your stall number
  • Proceed to the nearest parking meter and touch the screen to activate the meter
  • Input stall number
  • Scroll through menu to find appropriate item
  • Pay required rate via exact coin or credit card – Note:  Dispenser does not provide change.
  • No need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt.

How do I get a Family Monthly Code?

To obtain a family monthly meter code, please proceed to Minoru Reception then follow the steps below:

  • Park in any available parking stall at Minoru Residence (coupons are not accepted at the Richmond Hospital)
  • Go to the closest parking meter and touch the screen to activate the meter
  • The screen will display an option which reads “Staff/Family Pass” as option # 2.  Select this option.
  • Select “$37.50– 30 Day Pass” option
  • Select the “Purchase Ticket” option
  • When prompted “Do you have a coupon?” Select Option # 1, “Yes”
  • Enter your one-time use coupon number and press okay
  • Insert credit card or exact coins to pay for the $37.50 – 30 Day Pass.  Note:  Dispenser does not provide change.
  • Pull the printed ticket for $37.50 dollars and display face up on the vehicle’s dashboard.
  • If Minoru parking is full, please see Minoru Reception for off-site parking options with this 30-Day Pass.


  • There are no refunds for lost or stolen 30-day passes.
  • Remember that each coupon number can only be used once.
  • Contact Minoru Reception directly if you require additional coupons.