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Farinah Kadir, Mental Health Nurse

Farinah Kadir, RPN/Mental Health Nurse, sitting on a bench.

We are excited to feature Farinah Kadir, a Mental Health Nurse. Farinah primarily works at the Access and Assessment Centre (AAC) located within Vancouver General Hospital, but also works within the Car 87 Program and in the inpatient units at the Segal Centre.

Working in mental health

Farinah first started working at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) as a student nurse. “I liked that there were so many learning opportunities for the staff, such as new programs, research, and innovative treatments,” she says. “I have stayed here for over 15 years because there are many opportunities for professional growth, and something interesting is always happening.”

Farinah specifically wanted to work at AAC because she stays connected with all facets of mental health services; this allows her to help clients access the services they need.

When asked about her favourite thing about her job, Farinah says, “I enjoy having the opportunity to help clients and their loved ones as they go through a challenging time in their lives.” She further explains, “My role offers me a chance to decrease their anxieties about asking for help and hopefully reduce the stigma they feel so they can better understand their own mental health.”

Farinah reflects on her most significant moments at work and tells us the little things that take place every day can be considered inspiring. “It ranges from when a client finally builds the courage to walk through our doors, to a family member has an “aha” moment about mental illness,” she says.

Fueled by purpose

VCH’s purpose is to come together as one collective team to deliver an exceptional care experience for everyone. Farinah says, “My team is my greatest strength. If I have to deal with a challenging case, they are always there to help debrief and navigate through the discomfort. They are a bottomless wealth of information.”

As an organization, our values are We Care for Everyone, We are Always Learning, and We Strive for Better Results. Farinah tells us she makes a conscious effort to incorporate these values every day. “I try to keep an open mind with every client I meet, look for the lessons in each scenario, and reflect on my practice to see how to replicate positive outcomes and prevent negative outcomes from recurring.”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the teams have expanded the ways in which clients can engage with them, including communicating over the phone and through Zoom. This has allowed patients to continue to access services despite social anxiety and/or pandemic-related restrictions.

Outside of work, Farinah likes to travel and participate in carnival celebrations on various Caribbean Islands. She has also participated in festivities locally and internationally.

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