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Geordy MacLeod, Maintenance Worker Supervisor

Geordy MacLeod

The Facilities Maintenance and Operations team supports health care across our hospitals and facilities through preventative, predictive and demand maintenance, and long-term infrastructure renewal.

Meet Geordy MacLeod, a Maintenance Worker Supervisor at the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), where he is responsible for the general maintenance of the hospital grounds, including the landscaping and snow removal.

The day in the life of a Maintenance Worker Supervisor

“On a daily basis, I will tour the grounds to identify and eliminate any hazards,” Geordy says. As a supervisor, he oversees a team of Maintenance Workers—the team responds to any general maintenance requests within the hospital, assists the ticketed trades in their maintenance work, and conducts preventative maintenance tasks to ensure the equipment is operating efficiently and reliably.

Growing his career at VGH

Before working at VGH, Geordy was self-employed for 14 years within the construction industry. He was inspired to apply to a position with VGH as he saw the impact of prioritizing patient care over financial growth.

Geordy explains, “I saw that there were opportunities for personal growth, and learning within the organization.” In fact, Geordy’s role has changed throughout his time at VGH. Prior to his new position as supervisor, Geordy was the Paint Shop Charge Hand. “My transition to the new position was seamless as I felt—and still do feel—very supported by my peers and colleagues.”

When we asked about the work environment, Geordy goes on to say, “I feel very fortunate to work with the VGH FMO team. The director, managers, supervisors, charge hands, and all the facilities maintenance staff are extremely supportive and great to work with. I feel proud to work with such a great team and to be welcomed as the supervisor.”

And prioritizing patient care has always been and remains an important reason Geordy values his work here. He reflects upon one of the most inspirational moments: “A few years ago, prior to the pandemic, a colleague and good friend of mine, Jeff Smith, Carpenter Charge Hand, led and organized a carnival for the residents at the Banfield Pavillion here at VGH. At that time, I was the Paint Shop Charge Hand, and we assisted the carpenters by painting the games for the carnival. I was so inspired by Jeff and the rest of the FMO team for donating their time and expertise to enrich the lives of the seniors.”

The VCH values

VCH’s values are We Care for Everyone; We Are Always Learning, and We Strive for Better Results—Geordy uses these values as guiding principles in his daily tasks and decision-making. The FMO team is constantly learning about new systems and processes to better manage the facility, in order to provide a better environment for patients, staff, and the public.

Life outside of work

When he’s not working, Geordy regularly spends the weekends hiking in the North Shore with his father and his dog, Nala.

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