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Karen Tran, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Karen Tran

We are pleased to feature Karen Tran, a Nuclear Medicine Technologist working in Richmond Hospital.

As a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Karen performs diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures. Some other responsibilities including preparing patients for exams, and operating and performing routine quality control tests of the nuclear medicine equipment.

Working within Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a medical specialty that uses radioactive materials to diagnose and treat diseases. It involves the administration of a radioactive material called a tracer to show the activity of tissues and organs.

Karen knew she wanted to work within healthcare since her second year of university. She stumbled upon the Nuclear Medicine program at BCIT and was interested in its duality where she could work simultaneously in a scientific environment and with patients.

Karen tells us, “I love the variety of studies we have and the people we meet. Nuclear Medicine is such a specialized field within medical imaging that people seldom know about us. It is always exciting to meet a patient who is fascinated on how our radioactive tracers are designed to go to specific organs. Each patient interaction is unique and it is incredibly rewarding to be a part of their journey.”

Among others, working with her great team is one of her favourite parts of the job. The team is always looking out for one another.

Working with empathy

Having been on both sides of the healthcare system—as someone who provides care and as a family member of someone who requires care—Karen learned to be more empathetic. “Kindness can go a long way: it can make an everlasting memory for a patient, positively impacting their healthcare experience.”

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