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Michael Makula, Registered Nurse

Michael Makula, RN

The Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) Emergency Department (ED) and North Shore Mental Health and Substance Use Services worked in partnership to create a holistic care zone for clients presenting in the ED.

The newly developed Psychiatric Emergency Assessment and Treatment (PEAT) Zone within LGH provides trauma-informed, recovery-oriented care with a harm reduction lens. By providing timely access to specialized emergency mental health & substance use services, the team will increase the safety of patient care in a safe and designated area.

Meet Michael Makula, a PEAT Registered Nurse (RN) at LGH with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). He was seeking a challenge and an opportunity to work in an autonomous nursing role. “I am a clinician who provides psychiatric consultation for ED patients,” he says. “By working closely with ED physicians and psychiatrists, I formulate care and disposition plans for all types of mental health clients.”

Michael tells us that he most enjoys being able to make a meaningful difference in the life of mental health clients who are in crisis. “No two days are the same and there is a great deal of problem-solving,” he says. “Seeing as we are often the first interaction people have with the mental health care system, we can make a great impact in people’s lives.”

VCH understands the importance of a supportive work environment and strives to provide this across all sites. Michael acknowledges the environment in which we all work and the people we work with are important considerations. “I love working with the emergency department team,” he says. “They are always organizing social events and are incredibly friendly to new staff. He says that he feels very supported by the leaders of the mental health department. “They are flexible in terms of scheduling and if any problems occur, they are readily accessible.”

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