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Mingquan Yang, Clinical Operations Supervisor

Mingquan Yang

Meet Mingquan Yang, Clinical Operations Supervisor at Minoru Residence, a long-term care facility located in Richmond Community with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

“I supervise daily clinical operations to ensure residents receive the best care,” says Mingquan. “I enjoy making every effort to make families and residents feel happy and well-supported.”

A look into a typical workday

One of the first duties on shift for Mingquan is ensuring staffing needs for the office and floor teams are met for the day ahead and organizing coverage as needed.

Afterward, he checks the shift report that provides the most up-to-date clinical information from the team. Then Mingquan connects with other supervisors to ensure patient care duties such as medication review and medical appointments are all properly arranged and relevant resources are in place to support these meetings and appointments.

In the late morning, he attends meetings with the interdisciplinary team consisting of other supervisors, managers, operational lead, and allied health professionals including OT, PT, dietician, recreational therapist, social worker, educator, etc, to discuss outstanding concerns for residents, new admissions, transfers, family concerns, allied health follow-ups, etc.

Early afternoon, Mingquan attends the daily team huddle and takes note of any changes made from the morning, and if there are any concerns from the team. In between meetings, he facilitates decisions regarding internal bed moves; responds to nurses, care aides, and unit coordinators regarding any operational issues; reviews new admission packages by collaborating with the allied health team, reviews the safety learning incident reports; investigates work-related staff incidents (if any), support staff training and orientation; and responds to families regarding any concerns.

Mingquan previously worked as a regional educator for four years and licensing officer for almost six years before that. “I wanted to bring some positive changes to our residents and families. I wanted them to feel happy and heard."

A well-supported team environment

He recalls an inspirational comment that a family member gave. “They came to my office and said they were so proud of having their loved one living here at Minoru as families are well-supported with a good team.”

Mingquan tells us he feels supported in his role at VCH. “My manager and colleagues work well together as one team. When I need a piece of advice, I can always rely on them for support.”

He notes that at times, it is challenging working in a long-term care facility as the team faces more complex residents and increasing family expectations. “I am always open to receiving feedback from residents and their families,” he says. I strive to improve the quality of care we provide for everyone. I believe there is always space to improve our work, and that a resident-centered care approach is the way to produce better results.”

Fun fact: Mingquan worked as a flight attendant for eight years! “The most fascinating place I traveled to is Bali Island in Indonesia.”

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