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VCHRI is one of Canada’s top-funded research institutes with over $100 million in annual research funding. The Institute, located at Vancouver General Hospital, is a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and the University of British Columbia. Our research focus is on innovation and discoveries that improve patient health, transform health systems, and directly impact health and economic outcomes.

Researchers and clinician-scientists at VCHRI represent a multitude of health disciplines, research backgrounds and clinical occupations. Research activities range from laboratory-based research to gain understanding about the human body and health conditions, to clinical research focused on evaluating new ways to provide patient care. Their discoveries have not only changed how health care is delivered and received, but they are also making a difference in people's lives and well-being.

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Embark on a journey to explore the captivating research landscape at VCHRI and witness firsthand the remarkable potential of research innovation. This dynamic and diverse research community not only fuels advancements in health and economy but also opens doors for those eager to contribute to transformative scientific endeavors. As the foremost research institute in B.C., VCHRI stands as an inviting platform to propel pioneering discoveries and cutting-edge technologies into impactful realities. Join us in shaping a better future through exploration and innovation.

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There are more than 2,400 personnel engaged in research that spans a variety of health conditions, diseases and specialties with an overall focus on improving the quality of life and delivery of high-quality care.

To learn more about how health research is contributing to improved patient care and population health, visit Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.


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Unique opportunities are available to our health professionals in the research arena. Here are just a few examples of recent research projects carried out by VCHRI researchers, clinician scientists and health professionals to address some of the most challenging health-care concerns.


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VCHRI manages its own recruitment and hiring processes for permanent staff.

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