Conversations about what matters most

The senior adult and his young adult child listen as the female doctor explains information

Understanding what matters most to those with serious illnesses ensures that health-care teams offer care that aligns with your priorities and wishes.

‘Goals of care’ and ‘serious illness conversations’

These conversations are helpful throughout the entire illness (from diagnosis to cure, or diagnosis until the end-of-life), and priorities and wishes can change over time."

Those with a serious illness and those closest to them are welcome to bring forward what matters to them with a health-care provider and request open and honest communication at any time.

For members of the public

You can learn more about the Regional Palliative Approach to Care Education (RPACE) by visiting the RPACE webpage. Under the Resources page, please select either Identification Tools or Conversation Tools. 

We recommend resources such as the "What Matters Most to Me" worksheet and the Family Communication Guide.

For health-care providers

For VCH health care providers, visit the internal VCH RPACE webpage. (Network access required)
For external care providers, visit the RPACE service page.