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Food safety resources for professionals, operators, businesses, and home use

Official sources for general food safety information

BC Center for Disease Control
Healthlink BC
Government of Canada


Food Safety At Home

Approximately 11 to 13 million cases of food poisoning occur in Canada each year, so it is important to understand safe food handling practices to prevent food poisoning at the grocery store, in your kitchen, in your fridge, cupboards and freezer, and at the table.

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For Industry and Professionals

BC Food Premises Regulation
The Food Premises Regulation outlines food safety requirements for businesses processing or preparing food, and selling food to the public. The health authorities, including Vancouver Coastal Health are responsible for approving, permitting, inspecting and responding to complaints about food premises under this regulation.

BC Food Safety Act 
The BC Food Safety act regulates the entire spectrum of British Columbia’s food industry, from production and manufacturing to retail and restaurants. It clarifies the legal responsibility of food establishment operators with respect to the safety of their products; grants inspection and enforcement powers to inspectors; and specifies offences and penalties for infractions.

Canadian Food Retail and Food Services Code
This nationally developed code consists of model requirements for safeguarding public health and assuring food safety. The Code provides practical, user-friendly interpretations and guidance for compliance with the provincial legislation. It embodies sound scientific, risk-based approaches to food safety. It is the overriding principle underlying Canada’s food safety practices.

FoodSafe Training
The BC Food Premises Regulation requires FoodSafe level 1 food handler training (or equivalent) for those working in the food industry, as per section 10.

BCCDC Food Premises Guidelines
Guidelines for specific types of food or food service (Mobile Food Premises, Farmer’s Markets, Sous Vide, Pooled Eggs, Sale of Raw Oysters, Sushi Grade Fish etc.)

BCCDC Food Safety Assessments
BCCDC periodically assesses the safety of a specific food, based on a particular need in the industry.

Operation of a Food Premises under a Boil Advisory
Frequently asked questions about operating during a Boil Water Advisory

Norovirus in the Hospitality Industry
A comprehensive guide to prevent or address a Norovirus outbreak at a hotel or large service facility.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Information on Food Product Labelling, Importing and Distributing Food Products and Food Product Recalls. The CFIA oversees these aspects of food in Canada that are not regulated by the Health Authorities. 

Farm to School Presentation
A presentation on food safety from gardens to classrooms, and the benefits and best practices for school gardens.

Food Safety and Sanitation Plans

Food premises orientation package: food safety and sanitation plan templates
Basic Food Safety and Sanitation Plan templates

VCH Guidelines for Food Safety Management Plans
A comprehensive guidance document for writing a food safety plan

BC Government Food Safety Plans
Designed for food processors (i.e. not restaurants), this site provides comprehensive plans with examples, templates and training videos, with some available in multiple languages.

Posters and Log Sheets

​​​​​​​Dishwashing Signage (available in multiple languages)


Three Compartment Sink diagrams

Two Compartment Sink Diagrams

Three-sink dishwashing method (English)


Two-sink dishwashing method (English)

Three-sink dishwashing method (简体中文) Simplified Chinese


Two-sink dishwashing method (简体中文) Simplified Chinese


Three-sink dishwashing method (繁體中文) Traditional Chinese


Two-sink dishwashing method (繁體中文) Traditional Chinese


Three-sink dishwashing method (فارسی) Farsi


Two-sink dishwashing method (فارسی) Farsi


Three-sink dishwashing method (हिन्दी) Hindi


Two-sink dishwashing method (हिन्दी) Hindi


Three-sink dishwashing method (한국어) Korean


Two-sink dishwashing method (한국어) Korean


Three-sink dishwashing method (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)


Two-sink dishwashing method (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Punjabi


Three-sink dishwashing method (Tagalog)


Two-sink dishwashing method (Tagalog) Tagalog


Three-sink dishwashing method (Tiếng Việt) Vietnamese


Two-sink dishwashing method (Tiếng Việt) Vietnamese