• Sewerage Systems Filings

We work toward ensuring that our communities are safe and healthy

This includes ensuring sanitary disposal of waste and sustainable design of communities.

Build or repair a septic system

Any home or building not connected to a municipal or city sewage system needs a method to eliminate human waste.  Some buildings, usually in rural settings with no running water, may use an outhouse or privy.  All buildings with indoor plumbing need a sewage disposal system that complies with the Sewerage System Regulation.

Every owner who wants to construct a new septic system, or alter or repair an existing one, must retain the services of an authorized person, who may be a professional engineer or a registered onsite wastewater practitioner, to design and oversee the construction of the disposal system.

When it is not possible to install a sewerage system on a parcel of land, the owner may choose to install a sewage holding tank. Minimum requirements must meet the Sewerage System Regulation requirements.