Indigenous mental health and wellness resources for children, youth and families

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These resources offer mental health information and support services for culturally diverse and Indigenous-identifying children and youth as well as their care providers and families.

Featured resources

unya website

UNYA Urban Native Youth Association

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing Indigenous youth, many of whom find themselves displaced and severed from their home communities, with a welcoming and secure environment where they can access vital programs and services.

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hope for wellness

Hope for Wellness Helpline

Experienced and culturally competent counsellors are reachable by telephone and online ‘chat’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-855-242-3310.

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Kuu-Us Crisis Line Society

Provide crisis services for Indigenous people across BC. Call at (250) 723-2040

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FHNA Doctor of the day

First Nations Virtual Doctor of the Day

Provide virtual health care and referral support for people who do not have a doctor or cannot get an appointment.

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    • Cedar Walk Program

      An alternative education program for Indigenous youth ages 16 to 19 whose needs are not being met in traditional school programs.

    • UNYA | Aries Program

      An alternative education program for Indigenous youth ages 13 to 16 whose needs are not being met in traditional school programs.

    • UNYA | Native Youth Learning Centre (NYLC)

      A computer-based learning centre, supporting the personal, educational, and career development of Indigenous youth ages 15 to 30.

    • UNYA | Young Bears Lodge

      A culturally-based, live-in, holistic healing lodge for Indigenous ages 13 to 18 looking to make changes to their relationship with drugs or alcohol.

    • The Nechako Youth Treatment Program

      Provides substance misuse management, detox and treatment, as well as mental health assessments for youth ages 13-18

    • Phoenix Society Youth and Young Adults Provincial Specialized Substance Use Treatment Program

      Provides support and education to males ages 17-24 and will provide treatment for those whoes needs have not be successfully addressed in less intensive settings.

    • Jordan's Principle

      Ensuring that First Nations children can access the prodcuts, services and support they need, when they need them.

    • UNYA | Mediation Program

      Empowers Indigenous youth ages 13 to 18 by offering the support and resources you need to positively resolve conflicts or misunderstandings in your life

    • UNYA | Aboriginal Outreach Team

      Provides street outreach and support, focusing on Indigenous youth under the age of 19.

    • UNYA | Mentorship

      UNYA's Mentorship Program matches Indigenous youth ages 12 to 15 with trained volunteer mentors.

    • UNYA | Kinnections Mentoring Program

      The Kinnections Program is perfect for Indigenous youth ages 16 to 19 who want to connect with a role model for advice and support, to work towards goals, or towards positive change.

    • UNYA | Youth First Sports & Rec

    • Watari

      Watari facilitates meaningful change and provides a bridge to healthier possibilities through innovative, community driven and supportive programming.

    • UNYA | Native Youth Health and Wellness Centre (NYHWC)

      A youth clinic providing culturally-relevant, welcoming, accessible health and wellness services to Indigenous youth from ages 12 to 30.

    • Hope for Wellness Helpline

    • Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society

      Provide confidential outreach services such as counselling, cultural support and personal wellness programs.

    • UNYA | Clinical Counsellors

      Offer individual counselling to Indigenous youth ages 13 to 24.

    • 2 Spirits of BC

      The 2 Spirits of BC website is provided by the Four Feathers Society. The society organizes events for the 2 Spirit people living in British Columbia that improve their wellness.

    • Four Feathers Society

      The Four Feathers Society is a tribe of Aboriginals living in British Columbia who self-identify as being two-spirit, gay, lesbian, Transgender, Bi-sexual, Intersex, and/or Queer. The society strives to provide opportunities to its members to strengthen and heal their spirits, hearts, minds and physical well-being.

    • Catherine White Holeman Wellness

      Provides low-barrier wellness and legal services to Two-Sprit, transgender and gender non-conforming people in a way that is respectful and celebratory of clients’ identity and self-expression.


      A non-profit organization that works to improve LGBTQ2SAI+ lives.

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