Isolation precautions

From our Burns and Plastics Colleagues:

Dear visitor,

Dear visitor, 

You may be wondering why we ask you to wash your hands when you come in, even though you may have just washed your hands downstairs. You may be wondering why we ask you to put on gloves and an isolation gown before you go into a patient’s room, and why you have to take them off in the room before you come out.

The answer is that we are trying to keep your family members, other patients, and their rooms as clean and safe from infection as possible.

Many of our patients are very sick and susceptible to infection and we don’t wish to make them any sicker.

Please help us to care for your family member or friend by following these instructions at all times:

  • Please wash your hands upon entering and leaving the unit
  • Please do not place any items (for example, your purse or bag) directly on the floor
  • Please do not walk in the hallways wearing a gown unless you are helping a patient, as this puts everyone at risk for infection
  • Please note that if you are not seen to wash your hands, someone will be asking you to do so

If you don’t understand any of these instructions, please ask a staff member. We will be happy to help.

There may be additional signs on the doors for other isolation practices.