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A palliative approach to care can be provided to you and those you choose to be involved in your care from the comfort of your home or assisted living home.

How to access

  • Eligibility

    Please see the following eligibility criteria for the Nancy Chan Ambulatory Palliative Care Clinic:

    1. Clinical status:

      1. Have a diagnosis of a life limiting illness with an approximate prognosis of less than 1 year (this may include malignancies, or non-malignant disease processes)
      2. Have had a Goals of Care discussion, and the client is accepting of a palliative approach to care
      3. Have a clinical complexity that is beyond the scope of the client's medical specialist(s), family physician and/or Community Health Nurse's practice
    2. Client must have a current GP
    3. Client is willing to participate
    4. Client is able to attend the clinic independently (or with a caregiver), as organized by the client/caregiver
    5. Client is 19 years or older (less than 19 years old to be considered by exception)
    6. Client must currently reside in the catchment area of Vancouver City
  • Referral

    Call the Vancouver Community Palliative Access Line at (604) 263-7255 to access this service.

    ​For health-care professionals

    For general public

Hours of operation

Currently closed
  • Monday:   Closed
  • Tuesday:   8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday:   Closed
  • Thursday:   8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday:   Closed
  • Saturday:   Closed
  • Sunday:   Closed

The above hours are for team clinic visits. Individual visits are by appointment

Parking & transportation

Public transportation is available via buses at Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue as well as the Canada Line. If driving, a loading bay is available at the back of the building for a 15-minute drop off/pick up. There is 2 hour free street parking within the surrounding area.

Care is aimed at being pro-active, supportive and collaborative as the clinic provides a comprehensive assessment and care plan for concerns which may be beyond the scope of the practice of the primary health care providers or specialists involved.

Services may include one or more of the following from an individual consultative perspective:

  • Palliative specialty consultation by Physician, Nurse, Social Worker and/or Spiritual Care Practitioner
  • Symptom assessment and management
  • Care planning, documentation, and communication to referral sources (specialists, outpatient clinics, home health and GPs)
  • Treatment (rarely; mostly related to wounds)
  • Disease-specific client education and intervention strategies (including medication consultation)
  • Counselling and individualized education
  • Spiritual care and counselling
  • Self-management support and coaching. Clients set goals and participate in action planning for ongoing and crisis-management planning.
  • Multi-system service coordination
  • Referral to other services health, community and social services and resources such as mental health, transportation resources, volunteer agencies
  • Caregiver support/education
  • Bereavement risk assessment and follow up 

Nancy Chan Ambulatory Palliative Care Clinic

The Nancy Chan Palliative Care Ambulatory Clinic is an outpatient clinic that provides specialist consultation to patients and families who are living with a severe illness and may be experiencing symptoms and distress which may be affecting their quality of life.

Palliative Care in Your Home

A palliative approach to care can be provided to you and those you choose to be involved in your care from the comfort of your home or assisted living home.