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Our Mission Statement

To provide specialist care to patients, caregivers, and families who are facing complex physical, emotional and practical difficulties arising from advanced, progressive life-limiting illness. The Hospice is an option for those in the last few months of life and home is not an option due to care needs, symptom management needs or patient and family goals.

We believe in respecting the individual's dignity and choices and enhance the quality of care for patients in all care settings through partnership, collaboration, advice and education.

We recognize that our greatest resource is our highly trained and skilled workforce and the community of volunteers and supporters who have together developed a strong sense of shared ownership enabling us to excel.

About the North Shore Hospice

The North Shore Hospice features three reception rooms and beautiful gardens. The great room for dining and relaxing, featuring a large, open fireplace, a TV lounge and a child friendly entertainment lounge complete with DVDs, games and books. The hospice also has a unique Sacred Space, a counseling room and a large multipurpose room.

Home-cooked meals are served from our kitchen by the chef. Families and patients may use a small kitchenette for their individual needs. The North Shore Hospice has both patient and separate family shower facilities.

The hospice offers a Support Program, the Every Day Counts Program, for patients, families and caregivers effected by a serious-illness or death on the North Shore. For more details about services and programs please visit

Philosophy of Care

To promote living life while making every moment count and to ensure that our environment includes the essential, supportive services required to meet personal, emotional and practical needs, as well as the effective treatment of medical symptoms.

Our Vision

To provide accessible, auditable and accountable end-of life-care, reflecting evidence-based practice.

Health Services

The North Shore Hospice is staffed 24-hours a day with registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, palliative physicians/nurse practitioners and acute care aides. The hospice also has the benefit of the full North Shore Palliative Care team to help patients and families access resources and meet their psychosocial needs. The Palliative Care psychosocial team includes registered social workers, music therapists and volunteers.

Mobility Equipment & Aids

Necessary equipment can be arranged as required/appropriate.

Community Amenities

The North Shore Hospice is two blocks East of Lonsdale with grocers, coffee shops and community facilities located nearby.


Each room has a wardrobe for patient’s personal clothing, a bedside locker, an electric bed with a ceiling lift, a sleeper couch and access to electric recliner chairs. An entertainment system is provided in each room with cable, wireless internet and a telephone.

Food Service

Three full meals are prepared daily for clients, with home-baked pastries, snacks and access to beverages.

Housekeeping & Laundry

Housekeeping and laundry are provided for patients.

Personal Belongings

There is limited space to store personal belongings but clients are welcome to bring belongings to the hospice to be comfortable and make their room more home-like. The North Shore Hospice is not responsible for the loss, disappearance or damage of any personal items and we suggest clients provide insurance for any valuables that remain at the hospice.


As mandated by the Ministry of Health Services, hospice residents are charged a flat minimum monthly rate. If your stay is less than the full month, the amount that you pay will be prorated. If you or your family are unable to afford this fee, your financial situation can be assessed to see if you qualify for a temporary rate reduction.

Safety & Security Features

Located in a secured building with electronic card entry or intercom and security cameras. Visitors can check-in at the nursing station if visiting in the evenings.

Visiting Hours

There are no fixed visiting hours at the hospice. Your family and friends are welcome to be with you as long as you wish.

Visitor Parking

Parking is available at the rear of the hospice – please visit the nursing station for more information. There is limited free parking on the surrounding streets.

Language, Culture or Religious Affiliation

The facility’s population is multicultural and English is predominantly the spoken language. Speak to a member of your care team about opportunities for interpreter services. We can arrange for spiritual support from various denominations, or you may invite your own spiritual advisor to visit you.

Smoking Policy

No smoking is permitted on the Hospice property. Clients may smoke in other designated smoking areas if say to do so.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome visitors and need to be in good general health (free of skin disease, etc.), house-trained, good tempered, well-groomed and have documented, up-to-date vaccinations.

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