A new era in health care: Lions Gate Hospital celebrates successful implementation of new digital system


​T​​he Capacity Management Suite (CMS) successfully went live on November 7 at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) for approximately 1,350 staff and more than ten departments. CMS is a set of computer modules and smartphone apps to better manage the placement of patients, transport of patients and items, and the bed cleaning process at LGH. CMS will help us to improve our patients’ experiences: with the help of CMS, patients are expected to spend less time in the Emergency Department and transition areas.

CMS replaces many manual workflows, like phone calls, huddles and paper, with automated processes to place patients into the right bed sooner. It also provides real-time information about bed availability, pending and confirmed discharges, and bed cleanliness status. The “Discharge and Transfer Milestones” feature allows staff to electronically track a patient’s discharge or transfer progress in an easy-to-follow bar graphic next to their name. At a glance, staff can see which targets have been met and which are still outstanding. 

Also, crucial isolation information is communicated across all CMS modules, so that nursing, transport, and Environmental Services (EVS/housekeeping) staff have the information necessary to take appropriate safety precautions. In addition, large tracking boards in the Patient Flow and Access HUB meeting room display real-time information about bed capacity and patient movement across LGH. Staff now have better visibility across the units or disciplines so that barriers can be addressed quickly and effectively. The tracking boards are also utilized during bed meetings. 

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped to make the transition a success, including User Acceptance Testers who put the system through its paces prior to go-live, Super Users who provided frontline support to their peers during the go-live, as well as staff who completed online computer-based training in preparation for the go-live. Check out the photos below from a few of the departments who came together to make this change possible. 

CMS is one of the new technology projects that will be incorporated into the new Paul Myers Tower opening in January 2025