Out with the old and in with the new at Lions Gate Hospital

Paul Myers and Ryan Beedie standing in front of old power plant stack at Lions Gate Hospital

For decades, the giant power plant stack at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) has been a visible landmark in North Vancouver. In a few short weeks, the old stack will be demolished, kicking off the next phase of a redevelopment project that includes construction of a new acute care facility.

During the next few weeks, crews will begin the methodical work to chip away at the stack, and continue demolition of the old power plant building next to it.

The new acute care facility will be modern facility that will serve as the hub for acute and virtual care for the North Shore and throughout the Coastal region.

 “I am pleased to see that we've finally reached this stage," said Paul Myers, a local philanthropist who has donated $25 million. “Like many people in the community, I look forward to a speedy construction schedule and completion of this important project."    

In recognition of Myers' donation, the new acute care facility will be named in his honour. The LGH Foundation successfully raised more than $100 million for the project, and the rest of the funding will be provided by the provincial government through Vancouver Coastal Health.

“I know many people in the community are eager to see the completion of the new acute care facility," said Karin Olson, Vice President, Coastal Community of Care. “The removal of the old stack and power plant is a big step forward in getting the site ready for the construction of the new facility."

The new power plant was installed this past spring. Located underground, in between the HOpe Centre and Evergreen House, it has two levels that contain equipment for steam and hot water generation, along with all the major mechanical, electrical, medical gas, water and other systems for the LGH campus. The boilers can be moved to different locations around the site and be replaced individually, increasing the life of the power plant.​